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    A LETTER TO TRISH: Life as a Jarrell in the early 20th Century

    A Letter to Trish” details the life and lifestyles experienced while growing up on a middle class plantation in the early 1900’s.

    Due to her daughter’s request for her mother to retell her many experiences, Bea wrote this educational narrative.

    She uses her robust and very descriptive vocabulary to make for an enjoyable, informative and fun read for those interested in southern history or for anyone else who enjoys reading a well written book.

    Bea recalls her childhood while growing up as one of the eleven Jarrell children, allowing the reader to be well informed of how life was during this era for a large family on a farm. She describes the ways of living which may sound dubious to many people today.

    She and her siblings were the last generation of the Jarrell’s to work the farm land.

    In 1974, the Jarrell Plantation was donated to the State of Georgia. It is now a State Historic site. For the most part the plantation is in its original setting.

    For anyone who has ever visited the Jarrell Plantation, this book may add another dimension to that visit.

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    Aaron’s Story: Above All That We Could Ask or Think

    Miracles happen every day for those who believe!

    “Sometimes when all the news is bleak and negative, we need to remember that is when God can and will take over and change everything.”

    “Mom, Aaron hit the tree with his head and I can’t see him anymore.
    He’s down on the road going back to Pap’s.” “Hurry, Aunt Net we have to pray for Aaron. We have to form a circle like we do in church. We have to believe like you and Debbie tell us.”

    “I told her that I wanted more for him than healing that I wanted a complete miracle for him.”

    A true story about an 18 year old, Aaron Hahn, who was involved in a four wheeler accident and was given a zero to ten percent chance of living. This incredible story is about the faith it took for one family to truly believe in miracles and to realize that miracles occur when you listen to that still small voice and follow the Holy Spirit promptings even when it makes no earthly sense. Included in this story is the actual case study review completed by the Life-Net flight nurse, Crissy Cessna, RN, PNRN, NREMT-P.

  • As Life Goes On: Lessons One Doesn't Want to Have to Learn

    As Life Goes On: Lessons One Doesn’t Want to Have to Learn

    One phone call hurt Rosalie so much. Bob's boss told her that her brother has to retire because he wasn't as reliable as he used to be, and the company didn't want to be liable for any accident caused by his disability. She couldn't believe that the company whom Bob served for forty years treated him like a thing—he was dispensable. Nonetheless, she agreed that her brother has to retire.

    Robert “Bob” Contino was diagnosed with a mild case of “schizophrenia,” or as Dad used to say, “A tip of the iceberg. A tip,” as a young man, and Rosalie knew that taking care of her sixty-one-year-old brother would be a challenge. She noticed her brother's limping, but Bob was more physically sick than she thought. As laboratory tests were administered to him, more and more ailments manifested themselves–some even fatal. For the love of Bob, Rosalie put off many of her plans to take care of him as she has vowed to their deceased parents.

    He annoyed her with his sarcasm and impertinence, but looking back at her brother's life and the painful experiences he had to endure, she put everything into its proper perspective and remembered Bob fondly, as she reflects on the lessons.

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    Assault of the Innocent: Loved Like Rachel

    “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” – Kahlil Gibran.

    On the heels of a childhood peppered with sordid betrayal and upheaval, a young woman teeters on the edge of oblivion. She is carried away by the tumult into an adulthood of broken marriages, drug addiction, and years mired in the struggle with the foster care system-both in it and fighting to retrieve her children from it. Assault of the Innocent tells her story from those rocky beginnings to the ultimate success of emerging whole from the morass.

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    At Arm’s Length

    At some point in life you get fed up with the mishaps of life due to negative people in your life. So to keep peace and to stay out of confusion, you need to keep certain people at arm’s length to have peace of mind.

  • Born To Create

    Born to Create

    Born to Create is an inspirational autobiography chronicling Dr. Rosalie H. Contino's professional transition from successful seventh-grade English teacher to a newfound career in the arts. While most forty-year-old professionals are busy building upon the foundation that several years of hard work produced, Contino made the bold decision to quench the burning desire within to pursue the passion to create. Enjoying her creative careers as a costume designer, costume historian, playwright, and lecturer, Contino provides hope and a blueprint for those considering making the foray into the unknown and sometimes scary realm of the future. Written in a comfortable, conversational manner, Born to Create maintains a swift tempo while consistently providing an inspirational message for those harboring unrealized ambitions.

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    He was wrongfully convicted, his lifelong career destroyed, and he was sent to a prison 2,200 miles from home, for a crime he did not commit. She lay in a hospital, clinging to life, with only a 50/50 chance of survival. But they hung on to their faith in God through it all. This is only the beginning of the dynamic testimony of Dick and Donna Walls.

    Having experienced unimaginable pain, broken hearts, financial ruin, and imprisonment, Dick and Donna have been called to Broken Vessel Ministries, a special ministry to the brokenhearted who need healing and a renewed assurance that God does care.

  • Diving Deep for Sea Shells

    Diving Deep for Sea Shells

    Stella Castellucci tells the story of her remarkable life in music. Born in Los Angeles in 1930 to musician father Louis Castellucci, Stella would go on to continue and further his legacy. Stella joined Peggy Lee’s touring jazz group in 1953. They would form a close friendship that would endure past Peggy’s life. Stella witnessed and took part in a very creative time for Peggy Lee in the 1950’s. They would closely collaborate on the 1958 Decca release Sea Shells.

    Stella would also appear on the Peggy Lee albums: Songs in an Intimate Style (Decca, 1954), Black Coffee (Decca, 1956), Dream Street (Decca, 1957), The Man I Love (Capitol, 1957), Jump for Joy (Capitol, 1958), Pretty Eyes (Capitol, 1960) and Christmas Carousel (Capitol, 1960).

    Learn the story behind the making of these and other classic recordings, including the Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong album Porgy & Bess. Stella remains a devoted friend to her “Big Sister” Peggy, even appearing for Lee’s 92nd birthday celebrations in North Dakota. This book was created through extensive email exchanges, phone conversations and visits between Stella and Edgar. We hope that the love and joy in writing it carries over to our readers. Fans of Jazz, Peggy Lee, harp music and the album Sea Shells are sure to enjoy the look back.

  • Dr. Love & His Party Girl: Wow!

    Dr. Love & His Party Girl: Wow!

    In New Jersey during the 1980′s, for six years, Dr. Love and his Party Girl gave parties for many different nationalities. Dr. Love, a loving doctor, is older than his Party Girl, but that is part of his charm. He spares no expense entertaining family and friends. His Party Girl does all the work: she cooks, and bakes cakes such as cheese and carrot, which she decorates to the hilt.

    For the most part, she is the entertainer. She dances primarily to Tom Jones Pussy Cat, and Arabic belly dancing. She picks up other dances along the way. In Arabic dancing, she shakes her hips, carries wine on her forehead, and holds a sword on top of her head. She whirls around, causing the audience to be on the edge of their seats.

    While Party Girl is having a ball partying, her teenage son, who is living with his father and step mother, is not doing so well in school. He’s making C’s and D’s. All that his mother can do is to encourage him to do well. They write letters back and forth. And when she sees him weekly, she helps him with his Spanish lessons. Then, graduation comes. Is his mother in woe or in joy? Read and find out.

    As for partying, it is like Dr. Love said, “People want bread and circuses. They work hard for the bread and expect to be well entertained.” That’s why our parties were a big hit. We entertained our guests which brought them back time and time again.

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    Escape From Hell: A Woman’s Story

    This inspirational memoir follows the author as she suffers from hardships and horrors and rises to become a confident, caring woman who helps others find their self-worth and path to a better life.

    Finding strength in her friendship with God, Ronni frees herself from an abusive family, learns from mistakes with men, and manages to form loving households with her daughters and sons, friends, and foster children. She shares her remarkable story–sometimes tragic, sometimes hilarious–to help others think positively, value themselves, and escape their own unhappy circumstances.