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  • Erie Spencer - A Darker Shade of Blue

    A Darker Shade of Blue

    The poignant coming of age story of a twelve-year-old, dark-skinned African-American girl named Rena, who grew up in a mulatto family in a small southern town during the 1940s and 50s.

    Rena has to cope with the blatant racism of the time and the tensions over skin color within her own family. She is the first dark-skinned child born to a family of first-generation offspring of people of mixed white and black ancestry. She is forced to confront her mother’s death with a family that sees her as an intruder. Thus, she embarks on a journey of discovery, uncovering family secrets surrounding her birth, her mother’s mental illness, and the motives behind the indifference her family feels toward her.


    About the author:

    Erie Spencer grew up in the state of Louisiana, surrounded by a rich history of African-American culture and folklore. She began writing short stories as a hobby, drawing characters with their own language, beliefs and mores from her vivid imagination.

    After high school, she moved to Chicago, Illinois where she earned a Bachelor of General Studies in psychology from Roosevelt University and a Master’s degree in criminal justice from Chicago State University.

    In 2006, she was awarded a grant from the Community Arts Assistance Program from the City of Chicago Cultural Center for Literature.

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  • Shirley Jordan -  A Pretty Face

    A Pretty Face

    Society has taken over how a pretty face should look, so people are doing things out of the norm to become a pretty face to deal with life's challenge.

    About the author:

    Shirley Jordan is a mother of four and a grandmother of five, she was born and raised in Houston Texas and is a true entrepreneur. For ten years she was an owner, founder and operator of PlayHouse Cuts, a hair salon that catered to children of all ages and disabilities.

  • Jay Lillie - Beyond The Dunes

    Beyond The Dunes

    About the author:

    Jay Lillie is known for the novels shown in the trailers, not his short stories; but he had an attic full of shorts when he was 12 years old. The old fire was rekindled when a friend of his ran into an avalanche of peer jealousy and bias as he was promoted over them to do what he was the best qualified to do. We don’t learn his name and you can’t see him . . . but he’s in there beyond the dunes . . . so am I.

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  • Debra G. Watts -front

    CARTER CAR and his Wild & CARazy Birthday

    Today is CARter CAR’s birthday and he is very excited. He and his friends CARissa, CARmen, CARina, CARly, CARlton, CARlos, CARson, CARol, and CARey celebrate a little too CARazy throughout the day. See how his party gets a bit out of control.


    About the author:

    Debra G. Watts is a retired teacher who resides in the small community of Harrodsburg located in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky. She has authored a music teaching guide entitled “Listening Guides for America’s Greatest Musicals”. Currently, Debra is an MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) Supervisor for the University of the Cumberlands where she mentors Practicum and Student Teachers.

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  • Jay Lillie - Four


    A young boy’s aspirations take him on a dangerous ride into the Eye of a bad
    storm and the land of adult infidelity.

    About the author:

    Author Jay Lillie, a Manhattan based lawyer, has travelled the globe representing
    American business clients and foreign banks and insurance companies regarding
    their investments in the U.S. His novels reflect the cultures and people of the
    many environments in which he has been employed to solve problems and close
    deals. The acclaimed Pacific Rebound is international suspense at its best and
    takes us from Manhattan, throughout what the author coins AustralAsia, to
    Japan, and the Great Australian Desert. His novels, Havana Passage, Justice,
    and Gitmo take place closer to home but feast on the same global awareness
    Jay Lillie brings to the stage of life. His characters are fictitious, but places and
    situations are very real, including those within the workings of Capital Hill
    and Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC, where most international lawyers
    spent the rest of their time. Jay’s experience racing sailboats in his teens, as a
    Naval Officer, and Bermuda Race veteran, brings the plot of FOUR to life.

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  • Nanny in Prada

    Nanny In Prada

    She wore shiny red spiked open toed extremely high heels. I guess to look taller than her five-foot
    frame. These shoes not acceptable for work attire and would be destructive if someone stepped on
    your foot or used them as a weapon. However, this endearing woman who came to help me raise my
    children was too impressive for me to notice. Her name Mnemosyne, how impressive a soft woman
    with a silky dress and a gentle disposition, I could not have wished for a better nanny than what she

    About the Author:

    My name is Michelle Vermon-Vondra. I published two poetry books under the pen name Shelly V
    Vondra that were my first creations. One was My Life in A Nutshell and the other Pancakes for Sasha.
    They explain life growing up with my family, friends and children. I am publishing my first short story,
    Nanny in Prada, in hopes that my readers will be interested in my abilities to write fictional short stories. This story is based on events in my life, but fictional to keep my readers interest. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to keep the readers I have and introduce myself to any new readers of interest. I am a mother of three children that are now grown and accomplished and love writing fictional based short stories. You will find I love getting to the point and find that writing a novel will be my focus someday in the future. Thank you for reading!

  • Never Remove The Cornerstone

    Never Remove the Cornerstone

    The story set in modern-day (early 2007) Metropolitan Atlanta (Atlanta and Riverdale, Georgia) and details the one-on-one interview with a mysterious, enigmatic, middle-aged man, who proves to have been a real person, documented a having been born in a Louisiana Creole French town around 1844. The author interviews the stranger, discovering certain supernatural abilities. Recollections of past events of both gentlemen intersect in time and space, a unique message—the stranger, insisting that one should never remove life’s fragile and
    necessary cornerstones. Then, just as bizarre as the mystery man appeared, he disappears.

    About the Author:

    The author, Byron Marcellɵ Coleman, born the year Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka was decided, is a self-employed independent business consultant, educator and accomplished gardener. His passion is to celebrate his understanding that mankind is a marvelous creation and that “…Through his (mankind’s) mind he can leap oceans, break through walls, and transcend the categories of time and space.” His interests include: History, the arts, music, genealogy and ‘growing stuff.’

  • Joe D’Aulerio - Primus-One Legion

    Primus-One Legion: Book 2

    Several Months have passed since the harrowing adventure and near fatal mission to save the planet that left Jim Lexington in need of some rest, but now he returns to find mischief, intrigue and danger. Jim and Sarah encounter a talented flamboyant and somewhat rebellious young lady, Samantha Slate, who falls victim to the power of a second Centurion, but instead of succeeding in a successful matching it places her at deaths door. Once again, the planet is placed in peril and Jim must now rescue Samantha, and undo the deadly mischief of the Centurion that ends up putting him at the edge of death!

    About the author:

    Joe D’Aulerio, A former KSC worker and who lives in Florida with his wife, enjoys writing science fiction. As a science fiction writer Joe’s interests are not the violence and destruction people have come to expect but showing the innocence, naivety and comedy as well as the intelligence, adventure, thrill and sorrow a good story can tell.

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  • Patricia Crommett - The Folk of the Moth

    The Folk of the Moth: An Earth Legend

    In this world of myth and faery tale transportation is by one’s own hoofs or wings or the wings of the great-moth. Long distance communication is by “speaking mind.” Two tiny, six-winged faery go to seek the riders of the great-moth to learn the secret of the mother moth, twah.

    Led by the Black Faery, Sorro of the many dreams, they visit the mountain home of Gormaak, the Centaur. He guides the Faery and the Twahin across the glaciers to the edge of a high plateau. The small folk plunge into the unknown and come again to the City-on-the-Edge-of-the-World, the ancient home of their common ancestors.

    About the author:
    Patricia Crommett is a retired reading teacher. The Folk of the Moth is her first novel. She has recently completed a sequel.

    She lives with her dog and cats in a rambling house in a small town. She enjoys quilting and reading mysteries, especially Agatha Christie’s novels.

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  • Kermit L. Krueger - The Gold Redemption

    The Gold Redemption

    For Jesse Riddle, time had brought too much change. Caught between the excitement of life on Harrison Avenue and his commitment to the Lord, it was time to decide. Work in the mines had exposed him to a new world of hard living and excitement. He knew the direction his life was taking was hurting his preacher-father, and he could not let that go on. As a boy, the church had been the center of his life. Now, he was being drawn to the exciting life that could be found in the saloons. Soon, he gained a reputation as a man to stand aside for on the Avenue. Yet, he could not shake the commitment he had made to the Lord. He needed to get away for a while where he could think. The mountains had always been his place of sanctuary. Would he find the answers there?

    About the author:

    All of my youth was spent dreaming of a land called Colorado. My life began in Iowa and from that perspective, it was hard to imagine what it would be like to live in a world so different from the one I knew. I was 29 before I got my chance and for the next 40 years, I worked and played in those magnificent mountains. I discovered a land of high places and vast expanses of wilderness. I visited the old mining camps and sought out the history of the colorful people that lived in those places so long ago. In so doing, I discovered a world of high adventure and larger than life characters that created an empire of freedom and opportunity like the world has never seen. I decided to put some stories together that closely paralleled the actual history of those places from a Christian perspective.