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  • A Darker Shade of Blue

    The poignant coming of age story of a twelve-year-old, dark-skinned African-American girl named Rena, who grew up in a mulatto family in a small southern town during the 1940s and 50s.

    Rena has to cope with the blatant racism of the time and the tensions over skin color within her own family. She is the first dark-skinned child born to a family of first-generation offspring of people of mixed white and black ancestry. She is forced to confront her mother’s death with a family that sees her as an intruder. Thus, she embarks on a journey of discovery, uncovering family secrets surrounding her birth, her mother’s mental illness, and the motives behind the indifference her family feels toward her.


    About the author:

    Erie Spencer grew up in the state of Louisiana, surrounded by a rich history of African-American culture and folklore. She began writing short stories as a hobby, drawing characters with their own language, beliefs and mores from her vivid imagination.

    After high school, she moved to Chicago, Illinois where she earned a Bachelor of General Studies in psychology from Roosevelt University and a Master’s degree in criminal justice from Chicago State University.

    In 2006, she was awarded a grant from the Community Arts Assistance Program from the City of Chicago Cultural Center for Literature.

  • A Pretty Face

    Society has taken over how a pretty face should look, so people are doing things out of the norm to become a pretty face to deal with life's challenge.

    About the author:

    Shirley Jordan is a mother of four and a grandmother of five, she was born and raised in Houston Texas and is a true entrepreneur. For ten years she was an owner, founder and operator of PlayHouse Cuts, a hair salon that catered to children of all ages and disabilities.

  • A Time Before: Echoes of the Past

    A Time Before Echoes of the Past is the second installment in the book series by Anita Windon. In this second installment, we find Princess Harmony continuing her journey. The journey takes her to two separate kingdoms. Many mysterious surrounds her journey, and the darkness still follows her. Her continuing struggle takes a toll that Harmony might not be able to handle. Does the darkness become too much for her, or will she be able to pull out from the dark and continue on her path unscathed? These mysterious will be answered in Echoes of the Past.

    About the Author
    A Time Before, Echoes of the Past is Anita Windon’s second published book. Anita has taken time away from writing to be with her family. Anita’s family comes first and has not had time to put pen to paper. Anita has written books or poems since she was young. She says it is a fun and creative way to forget about the sometimes-stressful world around her. She also says that getting published is something she always wanted to do.
    Anita enjoys reading science fiction fantasy novels. She believes it is a good genre to escape into. There is always some great journey that can relate to some real-life situations. Like many authors Anita hopes to keep publishing her stories even if only a handful of people read them.
    Anita hopes you enjoy the second installment of A Time Before, and she hopes that she will no take another 7 years to publish the next one. Enjoy the journey.

  • Beyond The Dunes

    About the author:

    Jay Lillie is known for the novels shown in the trailers, not his short stories; but he had an attic full of shorts when he was 12 years old. The old fire was rekindled when a friend of his ran into an avalanche of peer jealousy and bias as he was promoted over them to do what he was the best qualified to do. We don’t learn his name and you can’t see him . . . but he’s in there beyond the dunes . . . so am I.

  • CARTER CAR and his Wild & CARazy Birthday

    Today is CARter CAR’s birthday and he is very excited. He and his friends CARissa, CARmen, CARina, CARly, CARlton, CARlos, CARson, CARol, and CARey celebrate a little too CARazy throughout the day. See how his party gets a bit out of control.


    About the author:

    Debra G. Watts is a retired teacher who resides in the small community of Harrodsburg located in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky. She has authored a music teaching guide entitled “Listening Guides for America’s Greatest Musicals”. Currently, Debra is an MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) Supervisor for the University of the Cumberlands where she mentors Practicum and Student Teachers.

  • Deadly Treasure

    In a daring move, President Jack Royce and Admiral L. Charles Runion enlist the help of Captain James Shepherd, who gathers an elite force of SEALS and Marines to launch a new strategy against terrorism against America. Twelve men, staunch and true, prove that defending freedom is not an outdated ideal. Omega Force is born, and Bring It Up, a Maritime Search and Rescue company becomes the perfect cover. Under a new paradigm, America’s enemies within are faced with an invisible and powerful force that reveals their treason and uncovers their
    nefarious plot to destroy this great nation.

    About the Author:

    Bill Bennett served as a pastor for 37-years, taught U.S. History and English, served as a special deputy sheriff (marine search and rescue, lake patrol, shore patrol in Indiana), and currently serves as Director of
    Education, Family Visitation Center Program Director and teaches at Grace Resources, Inc. in Lancaster, CA. Married 44-years, he and Cathy have three children, all grown and married, and at present, eight grandchildren.

  • Four

    A young boy’s aspirations take him on a dangerous ride into the Eye of a bad
    storm and the land of adult infidelity.

    About the author:

    Author Jay Lillie, a Manhattan based lawyer, has travelled the globe representing
    American business clients and foreign banks and insurance companies regarding
    their investments in the U.S. His novels reflect the cultures and people of the
    many environments in which he has been employed to solve problems and close
    deals. The acclaimed Pacific Rebound is international suspense at its best and
    takes us from Manhattan, throughout what the author coins AustralAsia, to
    Japan, and the Great Australian Desert. His novels, Havana Passage, Justice,
    and Gitmo take place closer to home but feast on the same global awareness
    Jay Lillie brings to the stage of life. His characters are fictitious, but places and
    situations are very real, including those within the workings of Capital Hill
    and Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC, where most international lawyers
    spent the rest of their time. Jay’s experience racing sailboats in his teens, as a
    Naval Officer, and Bermuda Race veteran, brings the plot of FOUR to life.

  • Growing Wings

    About the Author
    “Mein Name ist Corinna Montgomery,ich wurde
    1962 in Ost Deutschland, in der Stadt Jena, geboren.
    1968 wurde ich eingeschult und erhielt meine
    Abschluss 1978. Danach ging ich zur Berufsschule
    um den Beruf der Schneiderin zuerlernen. Ich
    konnte diese Lehre nicht abschliessen, da meine Familie verhaftet
    wurde. Der Grund für unsere Festnahme war, versuchte Republikfl ucht
    nach West Deutschland. Dies gescharr im Juli 1979.
    1981 wurden meinen Eltern und ich in die Bundesrepulik West
    Deutland entlassen.
    1999 siedelte ich über nach Amerika, zu der Zeit hatte ich bereite 2 Söhne.
    Mein Buch enthält die mächtige Geschichte meines Lebens. Ich bin
    froh das ich überlebt habe um meine Geschichte zu erzählen und hoff e
    das ich den Menschen damit Augen öff nen kann.Da wir in ungewissen
    Zeiten leben und verstehen sollten, das uns die Freiheit nicht für
    umsonst gegeben wird.
    Ich bin dankbar für was ich erreicht habe im Leben, doch mein Kampf
    ist noch nicht zu Ende.”

  • Hate in Those Eyes: Bullying To Die For

    At age 85 I had published my first “Tryist” as an author, “A Cruise To Die For.” I referred to it as my Mini “Novel” covering 50 pages that can be read going up the elevator, great during halftime and easily slid under the door of your neighbor when finished.

    My current work “Voyage to Cryon”, deals with Cryonics, the preservation of humans in ice chambers with the
    hope of resuscitation in the future. A scheduled Anti-Aging Cruise sponsored by the Cosmetic industry changes course to indoctrinate unsuspecting candidates to prospective reincarnation and lasting life.

    My third book “Tunnel Vision” not yet published may be wallet size.

    “What’s it like being 80” is somewhat biographical and a comical relief in accepting yourself being “old”
    and left to the reader to edit his own experiences in this Octogenarian Society, with limited (By attrition) membership. I have recently combined six books, “A Cruise to Die For”, “Tunnel”, “Diner for Two”, “Walk with the Son”, “What’s it Like Being 80” and “Cryon” into One volume entitled, “The Books of Rathe.”

    I have just completed “Hate in Those Eyes” and “Octogenarian Guide to \Survival.” (Unedited)

    At age 89 I still have a lust for life or whatever is left of it, so I keep on writing until the Great Author Above Closes His book on me.

  • HOPE BETRAYED: A Stripping of TRUST

    James Armstrong, a man diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and his traveling companion, an attractive physician from Italy are chased around the world in a dangerous cat and mouse game by pursuers that want to keep their secret protected and their millions protected. Adding to James urgency is the diagnosis of his sixteen year old daughter with same disease.

    About the Author:

    Mr. Kuhn resides in Reno, Nevada. Mr. Kuhn has two young adult children and a grand-daughter. His daughter is the Vice principal of an elementary school and his son is an environmental engineer. Mr. Kuhn has had the privilege of traveling through Southeast Asia for work and many spots in Europe for pleasure. His writing style is largely based on personal experiences and stories he brings to life in riveting prose. Mr. Kuhn’s writing skills developed after many years of technical writing in the environmental field. Mr. Kuhn has a bachelor’s degree from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and a master’s degree from the University of Nevada at Reno.

    Later in life, Mr. Kuhn found his voice as a recreational writer after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Today he manually types his manuscripts with one finger while entrenched in his wheelchair. He writes fictional stories in the adventure, mystery and science fiction genres. He also writes short stories and poems.

    Mr. Kuhn seeks to convey answers to mysteries we encounter in very day life. It is his hope to make us all question and seek the truth behind life’s surprises. If he is successful in making just one of his readers ask why, he deems himself a triumph in making us question a little above and beyond the ordinary.




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