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  • A Reason Why to Ask Why

    “A Reason Why to Ask Why” basically derives from my life experiences where I have struggled. Things like the God-concept, relationships, addiction, and things that caused me to suffer in life, always had me asking the question of why do I do these things that caused me to suffer? After many years of, counseling, group therapy, bible studies, and a whole lot of reading, I have finally come up with some answers.

    Since I know that a lot of people struggle with the same things, I figured that maybe I could help others to realize that life can be a wonderful journey when one understands why many of us suffer for no good reason. Most of it comes from the way we fall victim to our own thought patterns and the way we think about things. So, this is the first book in the series to help you begin to open your mind and become self-aware of your own beliefs. I urge you to ask yourself, “Why do you think like you do?” and “Is your own thinking stopping you from a life of satisfaction?” No matter how bad you think your life may be, there is a brighter future in store for anyone who learns the reason for why to ask why.

  • Economics, Power, and Group Dynamics

    There’s a new economic theory in class—and everyone will know of it through Economics, Power, and Group Dynamics.

    Dissatisfied with the current economics and economic systems, Philip A. Bralich demonstrates a new economic theory that can reduce the division of rich and poor people, and increase the size of the middle classes, challenging the dynamic of the rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer.

    If you wish to see for yourself how one can do it, with every flip of a page, Economics, Power, and Group Dynamics always has something in store for you.

  • Human Relation

    There are two grades of human beings, high and low. Their grades have nothing to do with material wealth, title etc . . . But have something to do with character wealth. These character grades determine whether one is likeable or not, and if one lives a happy and meaningful life or not. High grades enrich other's lives while low grades tire and bore others. High character grade doesn't mean “perfect” but is the one and probably the only one important factor in life. Not only in relating to others but also in relation to oneself. Material wealth doesn't matter much once economic independence is achieved, but character wealth matters most in life. For instance, high grades are always sufficient in life no matter what, while low grades are always insufficient. Not only that, you always have to be careful of low grades since they are opportunistic and manipulative, therefore using others. While high grades are genuine, therefore enriching not only other's lives but also their own lives.

  • Stick from Every Valley

    This book is about philosophy, romance, and poetic love letters, and about the war in Lebanon. The rest are about his life stories.

    About the author:

    Adel Hariz, born in November 15, 1957, in Zahle Lebanon, second of four boys. The father was abusive to his family. Adel was involved in commerce since he was twelve years old. His father passed away in 1970, then afterwards the war started in Lebanon in 1975. So the family decided to immigrate to America on June 19, 1979. When they came here, he started working in the Real Estate Business and went to school at the same time to get his engineering degree. So he worked in the High-tech industry as a semiconductor engineer in the weekdays, and in the Real Estate Business in the weekends. In 2005, he read the Bible twice which inspired him to start writing, so he wrote about Philosophy, Romance, Poetic Love Letters and about the war in Lebanon.