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  • Martin King - Atomic Angel

    Atomic Angel

    The phenomenal life of David Oliver Goldman, a saga of the floundering anti-hero who tries to find his way in an increasingly hostile world and its ever elusive meaning. After exposure to atomic atmospheric testing in the Bikini Islands, his life is irreversibly changed. His journey intertwines with iconic notables and histrionic events in the mid-twentieth century. For three decades Goldman’s odyssey is interwoven with the path of his adopted brother, who shadow one another with contrary elucidations of the world’s gist. An American gothic tale of lost prophecy, lost love, lost God and lost self in a metaphysical pilgrimage that finally reveals the meaning of his life.


    About the author:

    M. A. KING has traveled much of the world in the quest of exotic culture, anthropological tales and the fabled perfect wave. Born and raised in The City of Angels where anecdotes of Los Angeles’ past has been a life long fascination.

  • Augustine

    As night falls a young negro slave named Esther, runs through the thick Georgia woods. With her three-week-old daughter, Esther runs toward the north in hopes of being free. However, the runaway slave will not get to experience her freedom. She would be shot and killed by the local plantations overseer. Esther's killer, also happens to be the father of her infant daughter. After the murder, the overseer disappears, and will not be seen for years to come. The child survives and is taken back to the plantation. She is immediately identified, as a member of the Parish family, the family that owns the local plantation. The child's name is revealed as Augustine. She would then be taken in, and raised by the plantation’s owner, and wife. Over the years, Augustine struggles with her origin, race, love, as well as adolescence. But after a fifteen-year absence, Augustine's father returns home, and this will change everything.

    About the author:

    Travis Canady is an American author, singer, songwriter, and actor, born, and raised in Fairfield, Texas. At the early age of, Travis was inspired by the entertainment. Music was the first thing he grew interest in, however he would not begin his pursuit professionally until 2010. After five years in the music business, and achieving great success, Travis would then decide to take his writing, and storytelling to another level. It was late 2015 when Travis begin to work on his first novel. He completed the writing project a few months later. Shortly afterwards, his work was well received, and in 2018 he landed his first publishing deal with LitFire Publishing.

  • Barky the Mouse

    Barky the Mouse is a light-hearted tale that begins with a piece of cheese. A simple misunderstanding turns into an unlikely friendship. Readers of all ages will not only enjoy, but also learn a valuable lesson from these adorable characters.

    Barky the Mouse was inspired by Carson Stanley. Carson is a creative kindergartner with a love for drawing and coming up with stories. He loves playing with his friends at school and his little brother Bryson. Carson loves to entertain others by making them laugh.

    Mrs. Watkins and Mrs. Campbell are blessed to have a class of 21 innovative 5 and 6 year olds at Shirley Hills Elementary School. Their class loves discovering new ways to push their ideas and learning to a new level.

  • Behind the Scenes of Jenna Shale

    “The adult Jenna Shale looks back on her life, explaining how life is no more than a series of television programs, as she recounts her childhood, the rise of her dance career, and the scandals that resulted from being a teenager in love with two brothers, both much older than herself, who are connected to the glamorous—and the not so glamorous—dance world. The story is written with a unique framing that allows the events of Jenna Shale’s life to be viewed through a lens that allows for a comparison to her life with various types of television shows. Complete with directors, producers, commercials, newsflashes, and soundtracks, Jenna recounts her life experiences to the reader in ways that are both humorous and provocative. Growing up is not easy and happens all too fast for young Jenna, who leaves little out when recounting the experiences that would lead her to be a fan favorite of the viewers around her. She is, after all, the owner of JSN (the Jenna Shale Network), where nothing is sacred and very little is as it really seems.”

    About the author:

    Chelsie Keller was born in and has spent the majority of her life in a small town in Northwestern Ohio. During her teenage years, she focused her energies on her academic studies as well as the performing arts. However, she left both arenas when her daughter was born. Afterwards, Chelsie focused mainly on her family and worked at various jobs until her passion for learning called for her return to academia. Chelsie eventually earned her associates degree from Northwest State Community College and, later, graduated magna cum laude with her bachelor of arts in English from Bowling Green State University, where she also studied education, psychology, and American popular culture. She is interested in studying complex interpersonal relationships and the way in which people interact with and interrupt their cultural surroundings and popular media.

  • Beyond The Dunes

    About the author:

    Jay Lillie is known for the novels shown in the trailers, not his short stories; but he had an attic full of shorts when he was 12 years old. The old fire was rekindled when a friend of his ran into an avalanche of peer jealousy and bias as he was promoted over them to do what he was the best qualified to do. We don’t learn his name and you can’t see him . . . but he’s in there beyond the dunes . . . so am I.

  • Bitter Inheritance

    William Ellis Colby, Caucasian, is dead. He has willed his thriving multi-million dollar advertising agency to his daughter, Sonya Ellis Colby, and his personal assistant, Velma Hannah (the woman he planned to marry and who is African American), Claire Colby, William’s wife, unable to cope with her estranged husband’s death, commits suicide. Sonya vows to make Velma pay for what she has done to her (Sonya’s) family.

    Sonya disappears, then returns home (after four years) with a vengeance. She assumes her position as second-in-command at the agency and manages to inveigle Vlema into her home where she drugs her and holds her captive. Callie Foster, a former maid of the Colby family—who has been locked in the house for the four years. Sonya has been gone and who hates Sonya as much as Sonya does Velma Hannah—comes to Velma’s aid. These three women—and Bradley Morris, head of the Creative Department at the agency, and who is secretly in love with Velma—make Bitter Inheritance a thrilling must-read.

    About the Author:

    Mildred Dumás’ outstanding record as a writer includes numerous stage plays—some of which have been produced by theaters around the country. One of her plays, When the Past Comes Back . . ., a drama about sorority hazing, received seven NAACP Theatre Awards Nominations in 2001. Bitter Inheritance is her first novel. It is awaiting funds to be made into a movie. Her fourth novel, Black Eden, a drama about the good and bad within a church, is being published along with this edition of Bitter Inheritance. As a Naturopathic Doctor, Mildred penned a book on natural healing, God’s Diet for His People, in 1998. Dr. Dumás resides in Southern, California.

  • Black Eden

    Reverend Benjamin Thomas has finally obtained the post for which he has been praying for years; he and his son, Forrest, are now Pastor and Assistant Pastor of First St. Marks Missionary Baptist Church. They are given a choice of housing: the parsonage beside the church or a mansion that was donated to the church by a deceased member, as the new parsonage. Because of its dark past: the horrors of slavery; a reported murder/suicide of a past pastor and his wife; and the disappearance of another pastor and his family; they are warned against taking the mansion. Despite the warning, Benjamin chooses the mansion. Forrest discovers that there is major corruption going on in the church, and that the chairman of the Deacon Board, Gaston Burton Davis—who is also the city’s mayor–is at the core of it all. He also discovers that his father is being used to further the corruption. Forrest, with the help of one of the mothers of the church, tries to save his father, and the church, from the negative forces that are working against First St. Marks. In the process, the practice of tithing is explored.

    About the Author:

    Dr. Mildred Dumàs is a novelist and a playwright. She is also an actress of stage, screen and television. Some of her movie credits include Lady Killers, The Hustle, and Chasing Papi. She is best remembered as Principal Brandywine on Nickelodeon’s Unfabulous Show. Some of her plays have been produced at theaters around the country. Her play, When the Past Comes Back . . . (drama about sorority hazing), received seven N.A.A.C.P. Theater Awards Nominations in 2001. Mildred is also a Naturopathic Doctor and has penned a book on natural healing: God’s Diet for His People. Dr. Dumas lives in Southern California.

  • Blakes Story Revenge and Forgiveness

    Blake’s Story, Revenge and Forgiveness (2nd Edition) Full Color

    There is no time for friendship during a war. But a young soldier proved it otherwise.

    Blake Bradford, a young Confederate soldier, falls into the hands of the enemy when he was wounded at the Perryville battle. But the story takes a riveting turn when young Federal soldiers treat his wounds and protect him as a friend.

    After everything he has seen, he doesn’t want to fight anymore. He just wants to go home. But can he make it home alive?

  • Blood Passion Book III: Child of Malice



    The continuance of the Modern Gothic American Horror conflict; between the untainted Passions of Good and the unbridled Horrors of Evil, for which the ingenuous through no fault of their own are compelled to deal with, because of being endowed with the obstinate curse of a life sustaining need, to ingest fresh Blood of living beings on a regular basis.

    This astonishing Novel is the telling of Rachael’s coming of age story, and of how she must handle her extraordinary way of life, in which, the iniquitous ravenous desire to consume the fresh Blood of a living organism must ensue to sustain her very own strange dilemma of being born from what was once the tainted Love, between a Normal Human Mother and a Living Vampire Father.


    Also included is a three chapter Bonus prequel Novella.

  • Bygone Buffoonery: The Real Fake History

    Did you know that mankind was nearly doomed when treasonous animals on Noah’s Ark attempted a mutiny? Or that the entire Roman Empire nearly unraveled when a crackpot Caesar swooned for—and married—his horse? Were you aware that a flamboyant cowboy subdued bloodthirsty gunslingers with a two-step? What about the vaudevillian hack juggler who received his first standing ovation in a coma? Don’t freak if all this comes as news. In Bygone Buffoonery, Jeff Charlebois provides centuries of laughs as he rewrites the past in witty, short stories you won’t find in any dusty library. “From the moment I picked your book up until I laid it down I convulsed with laughter. Someday I intend reading it.” Groucho Marx

    About the Author
    Jeff Charlebois is a professional comedian and writer. He’s performed for audiences across the country, published previous humor books, including Medical Secrets Revealed and Life Is A Funny Thing, and written columns for ABILITYMagazine.com. He is currently at work on his debut novel. Charlebois, originally from America’s crab capital, Maryland, resides in the Los Angeles area.