• The Chameleon Returns

    The Chameleon Returns is the continued drama of the McLaughlin Family. Lucky McLaughlin inherited the role of the Chameleon from his Father Brooks McLaughlin the original Chameleon who dies suddenly from Colon Cancer. The Chameleon is an individual who Rights wrongs perpetrated by the most evil of criminals and brings them to justice. If the FBI cannot bring them to justice; the Chameleon can. It is a story of the McLaughlin Family as the family grows.I hope you enjoy my second in a series of novels. Next Novel is called Charlie. Look for it.


    About the author:

    I am T. M. Nugent, Author-Poet. Welcome to my Saga of Lucky McLaughlin and his family of heroes. In this new novel, The Chameleon Returns you will enjoy an action-packed adventure of a unique man and his family. I hope you enjoy this book because I enjoyed writing it. I was born at Holy Cross Hospital in nineteen forty-nine. I Had an exciting childhood with five brothers and sisters, I have lived in California and had a residency in Nevada and Aguacate, Costa Rica. This Novel is my twelfth book, and I hope you enjoy it.

  • The Man With a Limp

    We follow the adventures of a restaurant owner and Iraqi war veteran. The Purple Heart recipient returns home lost and bewildered. Lucky decides to hitchhike home to Santa Cruz; no money in his pockets, he walks into the Santa Cruz Experience, a restaurant on the beach and meets a generous owner named Jack. With one simple salutation; “ Hi! My name is Jack,” a friendship begins. A story is told through the eyes of Jack, a restaurateur in Santa Cruz, California. I hope you enjoy the many surprises along the way; the struggles, victory, and the love of family.

    Author Bio

    Hi book lovers, My name is Timothy M. Nugent. I live in Tilarán, Costa Rica and I am a Temporary Resident of Costa Rica. In 2008 my wife of thirty-eight years passed away and I began to travel the western United States. I did it on a full dress Harley Davidson Motorcycle and I had a great time taking pictures and writing poetry. My wife was a great influence with my writing. Check out my web site; understanding-online.com and my blog, timothymnugent.com. May you have a great life. Pura Vida!