• Poisoned Hearts

    Destined to live and die in Charity Plantation, just like his beloved mother before him, Arthur’s fate is altered by a tragedy. A plantation owner’s son drowned in a creek on his friend’s watch, and Arthur has to witness Packer pay for the unforgivable sin of letting a white man’s son die. Only Arthur’s attempt to save Master Joshua spared him from the same fate.

    Drowned in grief and remorse, plantation owner Sebastian Colby sees the slave as his redemption, and so he sets out to own Arthur—at any cost. Suddenly, Arthur finds himself uprooted from the only home he has ever known and living in Hope Plantation, not as a slave . . . but not quite free either.
    As years pass by, Arthur learns the dark secrets of his new master. He needs the courage to expose Colby for what he really is. But is it in the name of love or freedom?

    Author Bio

    Denis Gray has published several novels under his name, including Black Love Notes, A Bigger Prize, Hard Ground, Teardrop, Della’s Deed, Lucky, Benny’s Last Blast, Jericho’s Walls, and his latest, Poisoned Hearts. His works explore the true nature of man. He currently resides in New York City with his wife, Barbara.

  • Jericho’s Walls

    After serving fifteen years to life in Borden Prison for the murder of Bootsy Taylor in Cross City, in the fictional state of Borden, assistant principal Jericho Walls is paroled. When Bootsy Taylor was murdered, Jericho was twenty-six. Facing his demons in Borden Prison, Jericho looks forward to starting a new life. But Red Taylor, Bootsy’s older brother, is determined to change all of that.

    The score between them, supposedly, was settled fifteen years ago, when Red Taylor’s drug gang murdered Jericho’s younger brother Allan in retaliation. Red Taylor, who is serving a life sentence in Borden Prison (convicted of criminal activities), discovers important information that could destroy any semblance of Jericho restoring his life outside of Borden’s walls. It has everything to do with Jericho’s sixteen-year-old son Talik, who has been reunited with him.

    Red Taylor decides to resume the feud leaving Jericho no other choice but to try to stop Red Taylor and his gang, his way.

  • A Long Stretch of Blue

    Arfel Booker is a great young blues musician in the 1940s South. One night, after playing a blues gig in a new town, a beautiful woman takes him back to her log cabin to make love. In the morning (after blacking out from too much liquor), he awakens to an unwelcome surprise. Instead of the woman, an unfamiliar white man is in the bed, and the man’s throat has been slashed with Arfel’s knife.

    Arfel knows he’s been framed, and he makes a run for it and heads north by hopping trains. Once in a safe distance from the southern town, Arfel makes the acquaintance of Lemontree Johnson, a fellow blues man who helps to reestablish Arfel’s music and him. Despite this spot of good luck, Arfel’s troubles are far from over.

    Lemontree is the only person who knows the truth about Arfel’s run from the south and his current state as suspected murderer. All seems lost when a bounty hunter arrives looking for Arfel. Who is the strange murdered white man and how will Arfel Booker escape the long arm of the law this time?