Look Into The Darkness: A Bill Ramsey Mystery

By James E. McDowell


A young Heiress jumps to her death from the Golden Gate Bridge. The family wants to know why. How could this happen? Someone must have pushed her. Who would do this, and why? There were witnesses; the Police have determined it was a suicide. The family was not satisfied and hires a Private Detective, Bill Ramsey. Ramsey uncovers a sibling rivalry and assumed he had the answer, until others begin to die. This simple suicide becomes a tangled web that now threatens the entire family.

Look Into The Darkness is the first of three books in the Darkness Series, and is now available now. The second book is due out late summer 2016.

Author: James E. McDowell
A writer of Fiction, Mysteries, Novels, and Illustrated Books for Children.

Author: Mission Statement
A writer creates pictures with words that only the mind can see. It is where
Dreams and Imagination flow into the Rivers of Reality, adding new colors to the
Sea of Life. Each new day is your Palate; Read, Dream, Imagine what could be;
Paint your Story upon the Sea of Life.

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