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  • From Despair to Hope and Healing: One Woman’s Journey in Poem

    From Despair to Hope and Healing is a collection of poetry written over two decades by author Barbara K. Mezera. It chronicles the journey of a woman struggling to keep her depression under control and searching for meaning in her job, her career, her family and her relationships. Although her verses are dark at times, there is always a glimmer of hope that someday she would fit in somewhere, make a difference in someone’s life, and find her own fulfillment and enjoyment. The poems are both personal and universal. Mezera hopes these poems will help others facing the same struggles.

    Author Bio

    Barbara K. Mezera was born in southwestern Wisconsin and grew up on a farm. She worked for over twenty in years in various hospitals and clinics as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist. When computers took over the laboratory and her depression was under control, she changed careers earning a master’s degree in special education. For the past 15 years she has been teaching special needs students in rural Wisconsin. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, biking, reading, quilting, knitting and spending time with family and friends.

  • From Rejection to Love (and other poems)

    Judena Klebs is the author of “From Horror to Hope”, a story of her own experience as a victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse. She is a music teacher and studies Christian and Psychological topics as well. These poems came from the struggle for wholeness Judena experienced which gave her much insight into how others can be helped. Her comments open the doors of meaning to each poem.

  • From The Past to the Present

    I wrote this book in memory of society’s flaws as the twenty-first century began. I opposed the actions of the democratic system and felt that things should change within our own society. I had been incarcerated and found poetry to be an outlet of expression. What I began to write portrayed how I had seen in the judicial system and the rhetoric that this society portrayed as bias and totally racist. I had believed that the judicial system had produced this element, the oppressed who must free themselves in search for identity while time unfolds.

    About the Author:

    I was born in South Carolina to Queenie and Donald Norwood. I was later adopted by my stepfather Jerome, whom I admired for his gift and talent in poetry. I began to write poetry at the age of nine after taking interest in the Holy Quran. I began acting and singing a few years before turning nine. Now I have produced my first book that I have long awaited for. I thank God for my lady Renee and my three daughters-Jessica, Nijah and Jaida. I thank my mother for her love and support my whole life through.

  • Heart Rhythms ‘n Rhymes: Trees

    Trees are amazing. They are as practical as a log on the fire. They are as mysterious as a dark woodland path. They are as imaginative as a child’s (or grownup’s) tree house. And so much more. There is a spirituality, wholesomeness, fun and wonder that can be seen in trees; in their variety, in memories evoked, in scenes enjoyed, in their revelation about the God of Creation, or in any of a hundred other reasons that they hold our fascination. Herein the reader is invited to walk between the leaves and recall some of these reasons …and see afresh the symmetry of these familiar shapes in the cadence of the words.

  • Her Wilde Heart

    “Her (Oscar) Wilde Heart” is for those with art and poetry scrawled in their heart and a wry sense of humor embedded in their soul. It’s for the multi-faceted, diverse outside the box thinkers, who are simply and beautifully complicated. It calls to those who believe that “Everything is art” and that “Nothing is ordinary when it is loved.” It is for the witty, forever hopeful romantics, and those who fight for the right to play, dream, and create, while pretending to be grown.

    This is a complement to all the people we are on the inside.

    About the author:

    Ari has a passion for creative expression in music, photography, and writing, with a strong love of words. She’s a reading and word game addict. Ari also devotes much of her time mentoring others to improve their life skills and relationships. This literary piece combines her dedication to everything that she loves.

  • How Things Were Not: Imaginative Tales Told in Rhyme

    The prologue explains all. From Julius Ceasar, Cleopatra, Marc Antony, Marie Antoinette (even Alice of Wonderland fame), with Picasso, Peggy Guggenheim, Agatha Christie, Hemingway and Patricia Highsmith thrown into stew, we think the reader will find something new. As for fellow devotees of the movie, Casablanca, the author begs indulgence.

    Born in West Virginia in 1935, Denis Boggs, a retired teacher, now lives in Reno, Ohio. Previous books of poetry are: A Crooked Picture; Deception Island; and Getting There (Departures and Arrivals). He promises this one to be the last. In his own words, “There will be no more; no doubt prompting someone to say, Thank God!”

  • In A Year’s Time A Book Of Poetry

    Heal the wounds of your heart. Enrich the nature of your soul. Live the life you deserve.

    This rare and unique collection of poems will make you shed tears of joy and feel the sorrow of others. Every page tells different stories of dreams, fantasies, broken hearts, and love, mixed with real-life experiences.

    May you find the inspiration to think more about life and everything in between.

  • In Memory Of: A Collection of Poetry

    I was 42 years old when my father had passed. My Aunt Lorretta travelled from Springfield, MO to attend the funeral. After the service she had gathered the family up and took pictures. One picture had my brothers, Kenneth and Howard, and myself. Howard was eleven years older than me, the oldest of us, while Kenneth was seven years older. Within the span of a year and a half when that photo was taken, Kenneth passed away. He was 54 years old. A few months later, my granddaughter, Juanita, would be stillborn. Two years after that, Howard would pass. My sister and I would be the only
    ones left. Then, in 2013, she would pass away, too. I’m the last one left.

    With my parents and siblings gone, I have no one to share my memories with. The younger family members don’t care to listen. Once I die, the memories I have go with me. That’s why I’ve written this book: to have my past remembered. I’m not going to bother writing an entire lifetime into this book. This is just a few short stories and poems I’ve written. There’s nothing to look forward to. This is the last chapter of my life. All my dreams that never came to fruition are fading. I have no desire to love again. This pain and memories stay firmly rooted into my mind like an emotional divorce. It took me to the edge of suicide at one point. The unexpected death of my son, Erick, in
    1984 had left me empty, gasping for breath. His death still haunts me. Three months later, my mother passed on New Year’s Day. There were more tears and sorrow than happiness and laughter. Instead of making more memories, I’ve decided to share them.

    About the Author:

    I was born in Kansas City, MO and currently live in Independence, MO. I started writing in 2013 as a way to cope with the loss of my sister, as well as the tragedies and losses I’ve experienced through the years. I have a passion for music and have played guitar self-taught for thirty years, as well as self-teaching piano for two years. I’m a great grandfather as of 2018. I’ve been a commercial truck driver for twenty two years, though I consider it more of a hobby than a job. I had previously
    published a book entitled Sometimes I Daydream.

  • In the Strength to Find My Soul, I Lost the Eyes of Scrutiny

    The metamorphosis of the mind and soul occurs when one’s self-perception supersedes those of others. This is the seed of change, once planted in the intricate wiring of our design. It will evolve and bloom expanding, endlessly, to transform the soul like the expansion of the universe that altered space Progressive foresight comes when you see yourself beyond the lens society prescribed for you, when your scope of tangibility lies beyond the metrics at hand and in the possibilities unseen My odyssey is not just my own but one that is owned by countless silent voices, in a muted serenade harboring mind and soul. Epic in the nature of time, with each second nearer to the unravel of the folds shielding the core that is pure in form, but a marionette of life experiences narrated to tell a tale. This is our tale, one that is of strength and motivation to rise beyond the scope of a tainted lens.

    Carla S. Veiga is a middle school science teacher and entrepreneur. She lives at home with her three children and their dog. Since the publishing of her first poetry and art book, Carla has started her own online business to share, inspire, and motivate others through her work.

  • Jonestown Remembered and Other Shorter Tragedies

    Jonestown Remembered is a poem about those who lost their lives as a result of the machinations of one individual who sought to direct the lives some 912 persons in an isolated region of Guyana during the period 1976 to 1978. Having formed “The People’s Temple” in California he transferred his activities to a country that was anxious to accommodate him without reserve or supervision. His name was Jim Jones. He felt that his view on how life was to be lived was unique and admired the socialist ideology. But all was not well with the administration of the community, which eventually climaxed with the deaths by suicide and murder of all its members save a few who had escaped.

    The poem seeks to recount the trials of the occupants of the Temple, their sense of abandonment at having been removed from the comfort and camaraderie of their friends and their feelings of impotence to do anything about it. But still, for some this experience was a deliverance from a much worse condition of life that they had experienced in the US. These felt that they owed allegiance to their leader who had made their lives worthwhile for the first time. The poem seeks to explore both these responses and how the final sacrifice or deliverance was accomplished.

    About the author:

    Born in Guyana in 1939, the author, Erwin Brewster, attended secondary school there and later read law at the Universities of Durham and of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, He married and his wife Pearl, also from Guyana, bore three children. On returning to Guyana he was employed first in the sugar industry then in the bauxite industry and later in the life insurance industry both at home and abroad. He retired in 2005 after 25 years of service in the insurance industry and now lives in Florida, USA. .
    In his employment he managed several disparate activities and formed a good insight into the ambitions of people for themselves and their families and the difficulties they often faced in trying to attain their goals in this regard. He made it a cardinal policy to ensure that his own family was secure and their children exposed to the finest education possible in his circumstances.
    Among his extracurricular activities he played basketball and took an interest in debating. An avid reader, he perused several books of poetry and literature both classical and modern during his working life and since his retirement this is his most favored pastime together with a keen interest in genealogical research into his ancestry and origins. This latter activity he finds most time consuming and also most rewarding. He has authored a book on his ancestry, which is only for distribution to his family.




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