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    Picture Poems Volume 3

    Synergy of Image and Verse.

    A photograph is worth a thousand words. Poetry paints word pictures using poetic imagery. On their own, they each are exquisite. Combined they become something else – a powerful composition that blends the best of both.
    That is what happens in this book. The author is inspired by the image, and from it, poetry flows to dance and enhance the whole upon the page. Images from the eye of a photographer that translate to the mind of the poet. The wonder here is that both are the same. The photographer is the poet.
    Thirty five poetic formats, full page eye-catching photography, poetic techniques are all here for poetry lovers, photo enthusiasts, students, teachers.
    Here is an excerpt from poem #14, Bird in Hand, in a Tanka 5-7-5-7-7 format, which goes with the picture on the cover.

    A Kestrel’s talons
    Are a raptor’s wicked tool,
    Have hard sharpened ends.
    So follow all safety rules.
    They don’t suffer any fools.

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    Poems From The Sand II

    Poems From The Sand speaks of a writer’s adventurous journey during Operation Iraqi Freedom. The reader will gain insight to what obstacles the military and civilians face daily.

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  • Poems of Love, Life, and Despair

    Poems of Love, Life, and Despair

    In this book you will find many human emotions expressed in a poetical style that will hold your interest; it also includes short stories almost everyone would be familiar with and have empathetic feelings for. Poems of Love, Life, and Despair is written by a man who has from time to time experienced many of the emotions talked about within its pages. Once you begin, you will find yourself wanting to read it to the end.

    About the author:

    Mr. Leidig served on the admiral’s staff in the navy and has been successful in TV, photography, home building, and program administration. He was the recipient of the President’s medal from the National Press Photographers Association. His broad range of experiences are reflected in this book.

  • Poetry of a Clear Vision: A Collection of Poetry and Musings

    Poetry of a Clear Vision: A Collection of Poetry and Musings

    The construction of this book is based on thoughts, statements, poems, passing through my mind since 1968. The journal found a beginning as I was steaming across the Pacific Ocean, in route to Vietnam via the USA Delta A-R-9 Auxiliary Repair Ship Pacific Fleet. Hence, this book was brought forth from its beginning in the galley, 2000 miles out to sea, in the bowels of the vessel. May my writings leave its mark on your mind and inspire a curious amusement that you may enjoy while passing through my clear visions.

    About the author:

    The Author, Harry D. Buchler IV, put together this project since he was in the U. S Navy in 1968. to 2016. He passed away in 2016 and Howard Bowes published the book for him.

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    Praises in the Storm: A Collection of Poems (Improved Edition)

    From the poems that we have heard Mihaela read, she shows a sensitive heart, a keen mind, and a compassionate spirit. We feel blessed to be able to read and hear her read her beautiful poems. Her deep love for the Lord and the Word of God shows through in every word.

    ~Dr. Bob and Cheryl Moeller – “For Better, for worse, for keeps Ministries”

    Praises in the Storm … is an oasis for the soul to regain its strength
    through the words of each poem of profound and refreshing Biblical truth.
    ~Georgetta Livingstone, Ph.D.

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    Razor Bumps and Stretch Marks: An Anthology

    Razor Bumps and Stretch Marks is a rite of passage. It reflects the hazards and romance of growing up.

    It also represents my journey over the past two decades or so, with a healthy dose of what I’ve heard and observed from those around me, fellow travelers who didn’t always know I was watching.

    I resisted the impulse to arrange the poems thematically, or in chronological order, a nod to life’s often non-linear character. Instead, they are arranged alphabetically. That way, whenever you’d like to return to one favorite or the other, you’ll know where to find it.

    Look forward to hearing which verse helped make your load a little lighter.

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  • Reflections of Nebulous Eternal: Sporadic Thoughts of a Splintered Soul Vol. 1

    Reflections of Nebulous Eternal: Sporadic Thoughts of a Splintered Soul Vol. 1

    The Reflections of Nebulous Eternal is a selection of poems written by a soul that left the spirit realm and entered Earth to gain a deeper insight to itself and as it evolves and awakens, the spirit tries to relay the information to the rest of humanity. This is a daunting task and many awakened souls band together to push the world into a brighter future. The reason Earth is called Nebulous Eternal is because a Nebulous is a fog/haze and this world is exactly that …. a haze and it last for eternity because too many humans would rather use their knowledge, skill, power, and wealth to feed their greed and massage their egos. Those that are awake aim to counter this behavior; if not for today then for tomorrow’s generation. So, these are the sporadic thoughts of a splintered soul dwelling in Nebulous Eternal on a mission to gather with like minded spirits to educate the children and spread LOVE and Compassion to the world.

    Author Bio

    Poet James J. Cone is the son of James H. Cone and Myrna Jo Cone. He was born in El Dorado, Arkansas and raised in Jacksonville, Arkansas. He has 2 brother’s Cassius Jackson (Rest in Love, Light, and Serenity), Christopher Cone, and a sister Myrneshia Hampton. He currently resides in Germany with his 3 sons Madison, Neven, and Zailen. He has been writing for over 20 years. Ever since he was a child he has been intrigued by spirituality from various perspectives throughout the world and the interactions of people from various social structures and it shows in his writings. This will be the first release from a collection of poetry that he has been working on in the recent years. His writings focus on the flaws of humanity and how we can better ourselves and the world around us through personal accountability.

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  • Reflective Poetry for the Spirit by Alan R. Olmsted

    Reflective Poetry for the Spirit

    Who said poetry is just for love? Poetry is an art that encompasses all known topics and ideas, conveying forth feelings that capture even the hardest of hearts.

    In this beautiful and spiritual book written by Alan Olmsted, he shares a collection of poems that uses imagery to express a spiritual walk with God, bringing forth a spirituality that has remained dormant within the best of us.

    This is your ticket to praise the Creator in an incredibly artistic way, bringing you closer to God, and enhancing your interior life, as you read through marvelous works of poetry, sure to captivate any broken soul.

  • Rhymes and Good Times 2017

    Rhymes and Good Times 2017

    Jack Phillips invites you to enjoy a copious amount of entertainment in the pages of Rhymes and Good Times 2017; utilizing rhymes based upon a boys name or a girls name. That capture a moment in time of an event taking place to experience a spectrum of emotions and situations. Rhymes and Good Times 2017 is fun, interactive, thought provoking, and educational. It’s a wonderful book to share with your family. It also makes an outstanding gift.

    About the author

    Jack Phillips is a native of Tupelo, MS but has lived in Zion, IL most of his life. He enjoys spending time with his child, Britney. Jack’s interests include ATV riding, movies, water parks, tractor driving, snowmobiling, UFC, NFL, NBA, and NHL. He enjoys driving his 1979 Pontiac Trans AM, Cummings Diesel Ram truck, and 1968 Firebird. He would also like to share a picture of his massive, 302 pound, killer croc carved pumpkin he carved in 2016. There is a size 12 shoe in front of the pumpkin to show comparison.

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         First, I give praise, thanks to my lord Jesus Christ for wisdom I ask him for to write this book.

         Inside this book will have an immediate impact on your life. When you meditate on these words in this book, it will bring you good and prosperous ways, and good success. The words in this book will help get you through your circumstances of deliverance. God has given this book a special anointing, and the wisdom to enlighten such awesome words, put together to equip you the readers. This book also teaches you how to use some words to loose blessings over yourself and your family. This is a book that has many clear messages for all ages, for all those who invest in its cover. Also this book will bring these spoken words of positive things, places, people, blessing, into existence if spoken with power and authority.

         Remember that God spoke creation into existence in the beginning of time.