Her Wilde Heart
Her Wilde Heart

Her Wilde Heart

By Artemis Skye McNeil


“Her (Oscar) Wilde Heart” is for those with art and poetry scrawled in their heart and a wry sense of humor embedded in their soul. It’s for the multi-faceted, diverse outside the box thinkers, who are simply and beautifully complicated. It calls to those who believe that “Everything is art” and that “Nothing is ordinary when it is loved.” It is for the witty, forever hopeful romantics, and those who fight for the right to play, dream, and create, while pretending to be grown.

This is a complement to all the people we are on the inside.

About the author:

Ari has a passion for creative expression in music, photography, and writing, with a strong love of words. She’s a reading and word game addict. Ari also devotes much of her time mentoring others to improve their life skills and relationships. This literary piece combines her dedication to everything that she loves.

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