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  • The 108 Quatrains of Omar Khayyam

    The 108 Quatrains of Omar Khayyam

    The 108 Quatrains of Omar Khayyam includes 108 Persian quatrains in English, Persian, and Chinese. This book classifies the poems by subject matter into 10 groups including Morning song, On love, Learning, On fate, Dialectic thinking, World outlook, Hell and paradise, and view of the universe.

  • The Allure of Love: Poetry Collection

    The Epitome of Poetic Brilliance

    The Allure of Love is an amazing poetic gem brimming with strong emotions and a tone inspired by some of the worlds most creative geniuses. This poetic metropolis glides on a wave of love where time doesn’t exist to a place where fearless journeys awaken a euphoric divinity of Love. Every word has been divinely placed in every poem to assist in ones higher consciousness. Whilst captivating its readers with passion and vulnerability. The Allure of Love Poetry Collection intuitively allows you to dive deep into a sweet abyss that pulls your chakras into full cosmic ecstasy.

    About the author

    Queen Kita C. is a passionate Holistic Therapist and Certified Mindfulness Master who enjoys writing and creative self expression. Although, currently residing in Miami Fl. with her family; Kita C. was born and raised in Chicago. Even as a young girl she wrote short poems and essays. Kita C. has always resonated with the epic synergy of poetry and music. While writing this collection of poems she was inspired to also create an exclusive and alluring poetry album featuring her and major name artist who has inspired her writings in this book. Please visit www.theallureoflovealbum2018.com for more information.

  • The Gathering

    “The Gathering – 77 Poems for Every Occasion” is designed to bring a fresh breath of God’s power and encouragement to every reader of any age and any stage in their walk with Jesus. Whether you are going through a valley or planting your banner on another victorious mountaintop, this book of 77 anointed poems will bring you tremendous encouragement in God. In “The Gathering”, there are poems that speak to major decisions in life, challenges in career, marriage, ministry or the departure of a loved one to glory. These anointed poems from God will bless readers of all ages!

  • The Light Turned Green: Poems That Move Us Along

    Bob’s poems come from a deep well of wisdom from his life experience in ministry and global travels in ten developing countries in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. His poems reveal a love for people everywhere and a desire to create a world where peace and health are available for everyone. Bob’s poems are sensitized through his recovery from a bipolar illness. Join him in the movement of his heart.

    About the author:

    After graduation from the University of South Carolina and Columbia Theological Seminary, Bob served three churches in Florida and North Carolina. He and his friend, Tom Schneider, composed Christian songs and sang them in 300 conference centers and churches around the south. His eighteen canoe trips down the Suwannee River reveal his adventurous nature. When he’s not writing or enjoying life with his wife, Anne, you can hear him playing the blues on his harmonicas. Bob’s also the author of Knee Deep and Rising and God In View.

  • THE LOVE OF THE HEART: A Collection of Poems of Encouragement

    This book contains poems written during late 2015 through mid-2016. Like my previous five books, the title includes the word “heart”. I chose this word because it serves our minds as a filtering device which is capable of purifying our thoughts. With our gift of free choice we can learn to employ our heart to cleanse and focus our thoughts constructively while adding a large dose of love and mutual respect.

    From a spiritual viewpoint the mind desires to be plugged in so it can be connected to the indwelling spirit. When we enter into the spiritual kingdom God brings us to himself where we can love and where we can put our life in something that will last.

    The poems in this book can be read in any order the reader chooses. Each poem is a stand-alone glimpse through a moment in time as I have observed it. My hope is that each of us can learn to love one another, as God has loved us.

    With love and hope,

    James P. Robson

  • The Mad Thoughts

  • The Mysteries of My Soul: A Collection of Poems

    Wonderful work and I am delighted that she remains so motivated to reflect on God’s goodness in her life and share those thoughts with others!

    John R. Brunsting
    Senior Mathematics Consultant
    Silver Strong & Associates

    The poems demonstrate how powerful a simple praise to God can be in overcoming daily hardships.

    Young and Curie Lee, missionaries

  • The Poet’s Scribe: One Hundred One Days To Harvest

    As the title suggests there is a harvest soon to come. That harvest was spoken of by Christ when He said that the harvest is great but the laborers are few. It is the hope of the author that over the next 101 days as you read these morning devotional poems and scriptures that you will find a deeper more intimate connection with the Lord of the harvest and be better equipped to serve Him in the reaping of souls.

    About the Author:

    Some call me a renaissance man. Others simply want to know if I will ever grow up and decide what I will be someday. Personally, I am quite satisfied to try as many things as I can before I can try no longer. I have had the fortune (I believe) of being a commercial diver, a certified welder, a Paramedic, instrument rated private pilot, restauranteur, radio broadcaster, general contractor, roofing contractor and international expositor on scripture and Biblical prophesy with a focus on the wonder and power of an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • The Uncommon Men

    I started this book a few months ago, I thought I would be doing it myself, but my son gave me some stories. I decided to call the book, ‘The Uncommon Men’.

    The stories in the book may have happened to you. Of course, we have different ages of involvement at different places.

    I know you will enjoy the book and share it with others.


    Enjoy Life,

    Jerry L. Fitzgerald


    About the author:

    The author is from a small town in Ohio. The town becomes noticeable when he was ten years old and still up on the map. He went to a small elementary school, first to eighth grade and then to high school with five other elementary school students as a freshman. He started with his homeroom in the journalist room, which was there until he graduated. He headed in the large university. All kinds of things happened from then and now-car accident, heart attack-and back outside of the same small town, there he started with. Retired from teaching and now working on this book, the author hopes his family, some friends, and past co-workers may enjoy this book.

  • The World to be Explored

    If you see the door is closed,

    Don’t rush in hard-nosed.

    It’s not a good idea to walk,

    ‘Till on the door you knock…

    Then maybe, knock again,

    But, please, wait to hear, “come in”.

    B. Michele Stone c. 2007

    This book is about things that a small child would find behind the various doors they would walk through in life.

    It is a poetry book.

    All the illustrations have been done by her friend’s 14-year-old daughter, Rachel Huff.




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