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  • Vignettes, Meditations and Memories : A Book Of Poems And A Story

    About the author:

    Spencer Farmans is the author of three previous books of poetry, essays, and editor of two collections of short stories. His books include Thirty-Three Poems (2001), Statues and Trees (2006), and Is That What I Mean? (2012). He has taught literatureand writing since 1975. Since 1998 he has taught literature, composition, poetry and fiction at Moraine ValleyCommunity College in Palos Hills, Illinois. Spencer lives with his wife, Janet, in Downers Grove, Illinois.

  • Walking And Thinking In Manhattan

    Walking and Thinking in Manhattan takes you on a poetic journey to and through New York City. As the poet is confronted with loss, the words expressed in the poem are those of loss. As the poet feels optimism the words take a twist and convey this positivity. If you ever wanted to shout out at the top of your lungs in one of the greatest cities in the world, walk and think with me in N Y C!

    About the Author
    Michael Mohan Joshua is an eccentric/eclectic author/artist in search of same things as everyone else in America— Freedom!

  • Walking Through Poetry: The Rhythm of My Life

    This book is a walk through life experiences of happy events and memories and sometimes a healthy laugh at the author’s expense. She loves walking through the weather and seasonal changes. Her garden has a life of its own. Color has a special place in her daily life. Some of the experiences are real and some are fantasy. The book has a positive message to this increasingly negative and dark world.

    Readers have told her that her book brought cheer to their days while getting through cancer treatment. Others said it was a good way to start their day with a cup of coffee. She hopes new readers reflect, laugh or at least smile at some of the poetry. It was fun writing and collecting it.

  • Whom Shall I Fear

    This book of poetry is a dynamic read. Not only will it inspire you to strive to live a better life but also your senses will become engaged knowing just what the chosen people of the bible suffered. Your life will be blessed and empowered upon reading this short book.

    About the author:

    Casey L. Connor Sr., grew up in the small town of Davidson North Carolina in the suburbs. After graduating high school he enlisted in the military. After its completion he returned to his home town to raise a family. He has always been inspired by the biblical writings of the old and new testaments. He gives all the glory to God, his parents and his children.

  • You Are Not Alone

    YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I too have been through ALL these traumas and I survived to write this book for you. I offer you hope and victory.

    I think there is a huge market for this work. Millions of people suffer with the aftermath of trauma. There is no age limit on pain.

    From these words emerge three truths.

    You are not alone!

    There is hope and victory after trauma.


    You need to get help!

    I present this collection because I think I have something to offer the world. I believe my writing fulfills my purpose in this life. To help others.

    It is uniquely done in a collection of poetry that tells a tale. They are related and based on actual events and thoughts. There are dark poems to show that I too have been there. There are also victory poems to show there is hope. I believe the book is going to help people have hope and the power to move on.


    About the author:

    I was born Patricia Louise Cox in Cleburne, TX. I am the original Danskeanna! I created the name over 30 years ago and since then hundreds of people are using the name online. I have one son and two granddaughters. I started writing when I was 14. This collection represents 50 years of writing. My childhood was a nightmare plagued with chaos, violence and abuse. Those events became the platform on which my writing is based.

    I worked in the publishing industry for many years. I worked at AUTO TRADER MAGAZINE and THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS.

    They say women base their relationships on their first experience with a man, their father. I have been married three times. I never knew love from my father making it hard to accept love from other men. I had nothing to base it on.

    In spite of the trauma I had been through, I found myself emerging as a stronger person. I am now confident and loving.I am still growing . Proving that you can survive any trauma and come out a better person.




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