From the Past to the Present
From the Past to the Present-back

From The Past to the Present

By Keith E. Huling


I wrote this book in memory of society’s flaws as the twenty-first century began. I opposed the actions of the democratic system and felt that things should change within our own society. I had been incarcerated and found poetry to be an outlet of expression. What I began to write portrayed how I had seen in the judicial system and the rhetoric that this society portrayed as bias and totally racist. I had believed that the judicial system had produced this element, the oppressed who must free themselves in search for identity while time unfolds.

About the Author:

I was born in South Carolina to Queenie and Donald Norwood. I was later adopted by my stepfather Jerome, whom I admired for his gift and talent in poetry. I began to write poetry at the age of nine after taking interest in the Holy Quran. I began acting and singing a few years before turning nine. Now I have produced my first book that I have long awaited for. I thank God for my lady Renee and my three daughters-Jessica, Nijah and Jaida. I thank my mother for her love and support my whole life through.

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