• In Who’s Hands: Cause & Effect

    This story, the first in a trilogy, begins in a Barbaric world, thousands of years in the future, where scientists, known as “the smart ones”, have spent generation after generation planning and preparing to bring down their ruthless rulers. These “smart ones” have written a story, it, and the development of time travel, many thousands of years after the story was written, will be key to the success of their plan, but was there success?

    Their hope is twofold, firstly that people will one day live peacefully and in a free world and secondly that science will be allowed to develop naturally rather than be oppressed by fearful Barbarian rulers who view “the smart ones” as a necessary but dangerous evil.

    This story has science and theology completely intertwined. It’s a story that answers the most asked question in human and theological history. People may actually change their minds based on the theory this fictional story suggests.

    Horrific atrocities, much mystery, believable science, mistakes, love, anger, fear, more mistakes, hope and drama fill the page and your mind. It’s cliffhanger ending leaves you knowing it is not over, you will be confused but the confusion will only fuel your thoughts and want of an answer. Visit “IN WHO’S HANDS” on social media and let us know what you think happened.

    The subtitle for the 2nd story is “The Answer” and it does totally answer the ENDING of this 1st story but it still leaves some mysteries up in the air. The 3rd novel will clear up these mysteries and totally blow you away. So much so that I can not even reveal the subtitle.