Primus – One: Dreadnaught

By Joe D’Aulerio


Several months have passed since the harrowing adventure and near fatal mission to once again save the Earth. Jim Lexington and Primus have been working hard to correct the devastation left behind by Legion and help things on earth return to normal. Now, they become entangled in a deviant and dangerous situation as a new adversary devises a plot to capture the SS Lexington. Jim and his wife, Sarah, along with One and Primus must handle this adversary while an even more sinister and deadly device, left behind by Legion, once again threatens the very existence of earth and the entire solar system. The danger is great and the consequences become even greater, once again leaving it to Jim, Primus and One to correct. But, this time everyone’s survival is not only in great peril in many ways, it is a matter of Time as well!

About the Author
Joe D’Aulerio after releasing his first two books in the 5-star epic series of intrigue and adventure, Primus-One, has release this third adventure in this ongoing series. A former KSC employee, Joe loves talking about his days at the Space Center and the biggest point he likes to make is how we can come together and accomplish almost anything if we really set our minds to it, like landing a man on the moon and returning him safely back to earth and yes even authoring a novel also. Joe currently resides with his wife in Central Florida.

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