Game of Stealth

By Robert William Hult


A future President of the United States is paralyzed by the errant bullet from the gun of a drug and gun smuggler. Frank Dewey Ryder, still partially disabled, and his Secret Service bodyguards are nearly killed by a top secret surveillance dolphin while diving in Hawaiian waters thirty years later. Why? International intrigue follows the President, the drug and gun smuggler, and the bottlenose dolphin as their lives wind around each other like stands of DNA. The President is captured and taken aboard a foreign submarine. Can he be rescued by anyone or anything in the President’s huge hightech arsenal? Game of Stealth is a powerful and provocative story, rich with characters and a punch that will leave you wondering if it was all true.

About the Author:

Robert William Hult has played dual roles for most of his life. At the same time he was a submariner, he was a student of animal behavior. At the same time he was a scientist, he was a practicing, published expert in dolphin, porpoise and whale behavior—a cetologist. While he was a retailer for nearly thirty years, he was a filmmaker and a writer of science, science fiction and history. As a caretaker, he has also been a book publisher.

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