• Ramblings & Other Thoughts: A Collection of Modern Poetry

    About the Author
    Rambling and Other Thoughts: A Collection of Modern Poetry is a set of work regarding the daily grind where thoughts are entangled and enmeshed with other people thoughts, song lyrics, movie quotes, and such and a person’s thoughts are not their own. Confusion daily? Confusion constant. Living out loudly one’s life while combatting not being a duplicate of everyone else.

    About the Author
    Michael Mohan Joshua is an eccentric/eclectic author/artist in search of same things as everyone else in the world— Freedom!

  • The Easy

    About the Book

    Amanda Bucelli is a twenty-something waitress aspiring writer/producer frustrated with having to wait on tables to make a living! Amanda needs a a change for fulfillment; frustrated thus far with what LIFE has offered her. Amanda writes a screenplay about the day in the life of Amanda Bucelli at the restaurant THE EASY! Filled with crazy co-workers as well as crazy customers…this is a story that will sell! Right?

    Along comes Danny, Amanda's life partner— reading the screenplay THE EASY that Amanda Bucelli has written for you all. His critique is that, “”this a not a well written story, She(Amanda) should pursue a more steady career such as Advertising/Marketing, Something! She isn't getting any younger working tables at THE EASY!””

    Anyway, he didn't take time off from work to discuss THE EASY, he came to have sex!
    As they discuss this subject and start to get it on, The PHONE RINGS!! It is Mark, the manager, at THE EASY! THE EASY has a shift available!

    About the Author

    “Michael Mohan Joshua is an author/artist/filmmaker attempting to survive each day to the fullest. This is Joshua's attempt at capturing a moment in his life when waiting tables was par for the course when trying to make independent movies. THE EASY will be in production as a motion picture in the near future. Other works by Joshua include screenplays, poetry books, novellas, and novels.


  • Walking And Thinking In Manhattan

    Walking and Thinking in Manhattan takes you on a poetic journey to and through New York City. As the poet is confronted with loss, the words expressed in the poem are those of loss. As the poet feels optimism the words take a twist and convey this positivity. If you ever wanted to shout out at the top of your lungs in one of the greatest cities in the world, walk and think with me in N Y C!

    About the Author
    Michael Mohan Joshua is an eccentric/eclectic author/artist in search of same things as everyone else in America— Freedom!


    About the Book

    Poverty and shame go side by side with wealth and fame where billionaires and bums live on the same block. Odd life this world, where greed is the game and giving is for others. Pour on the Richness is about social injustice throughout the world, though not much one can do about it but write poetry.

    About the Author

    Michael Mohan Joshua is an eccentric/eclectic author/artist with many flames in the fire of life.

  • Talking With GOD for No Reason

    This is my ode to God and spending time with yourself on the road lost, motivated-mad to reach an aspect of success and freedom at the same time. This is a difficult task.

    Collection of poems I created focusing on being open with everything with my higher power/GOD/myself.

    Dedicated to peace around the world, we need it or else it is blow-up time again! Tired of dropping bombs, drop books!

    About the Author:

    Michael Mohan Joshua is a dedicated artist and student with an education to back it up. Having graduated from the University of Michigan with a double Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology
    and Film Video Studies and soon after wrote/produced/directed/coedited the underground independent hit “With Nobody”.

    Other works by Joshua include novels, poetry books, and a screenplay, “Look The Other Way”— soon to be turned into a motion picture.

    Michael earned his master’s in film production from Full Sail University and is soon to graduate with his second Masters in Digital Marketing. Working harder every day to reach dreams! Always casting for movies!