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  • Coconut Fun

    What nine or ten year old is not intrigued with stories of fun and adventure!

    Travelling from British Columbia, Canada, to the Caribbean Island was like travelling from one end of the world to another; and going from an urban setting to a rural village was equally traumatic. However, the boredom that Justin feared he would experience in this strange rustic village without electricity or televisions was now being replaced by a feeling of excitement.

    “Coconut Fun” tells entertaining short stories about Canadian city boy, Justin, and his Caribbean country cousin, Nate, while teaching facts about the coconut palm.

    Listen to ten year old country boy, Nate, and his unique was of speaking. “Me will teach yo’ lots of coconut fun before the holidays are over.”

    The stories are real, drawn from the author’s own childhood experiences during the late 40’s and 50’s.

    About the Author:

    Elisient Maeve Vernon spent most of her life in children’s ministry. She worked with children in the churches pastored by her husband Rev. Samuel Vernon who is now retired from full time ministry.

    Mrs. Vernon spent her early years in a rural village in Jamaica where her father was the pastor. She was a tomboy, the only girl among several brothers.

    After High School she was trained as a children’s librarian. Her years of experience in working with children in the Library Services in Jamaica, Trinidad and Western Canada, and also her studies in child psychology, writing for children and study of the Bible were evidences that God had prepared her to become Younger Children editor for Caribbean Christian Publications (CCP).

    She now resides with her husband of 63 years in Miami, Florida.

  • Come And Build A Snowman

    Janice Hutterer was born and raised in Wisconsin. She graduated from Silver Lake College where she received her Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Special Education in 2002. Janice is an Early Childhood Special education teacher in Manitowoc, Wisconsin where she has taught for 13 years.

    She currently lives in Francis Creek, Wisconsin with her husband, two daughters and their dog named Bree.

    Recently, Janice invented and is developing a toy called the “Pop and Pull Snowman” which inspired her to write a book on the experience of building a snowman. Her snowman can be viewed on YouTube, Janice Hutterer/Pop and Pull Snowman.

    She believes all children deserve to experience the joy of building a snowman whether they live where it snows or not.

    For the past 13 years, Janice has searched for tools to use to share the experience of building a snowman with her students. Unable to find exactly what she was looking for she decided to create her own.

    She is currently working on her second book titled “Come And Plant A Seed”.

  • Daddy S. King -Daddy Loves You

    Daddy Loves You

    I wrote this poem for my daughter Isabel in 2015. I decided to publish it in March 2018, when I found out about my son Anthony. A book for children to draw pictures and give them to their parents, who will cherish them. Sometimes people forget how important they are. A little drawing or picture can mean so much. I hope you take the time to draw a picture and send it to your parent. Always remember you are loved. Daddy Loves You!


    About the author:

    My family comes from all around the world; Canada, Haudenosaunee (Iroquis), Malta, Libya, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Ireland, France, Italy and Denmark. I grew up with my loving parents, near Toronto, Canada. I have three brothers and two sisters, who I love each very much. I wrote this into a book after meeting so many fathers and mothers, who could not spend each day with their children, who they love so much. It is my hope this book may bring families closer together. That parents get all the help they can to help raise their children.

  • Dancing with the Moon and Stars

    The author of this book spends time with clouds by talking to them, riding one of them and tasting the sky. She laughs with the rain and dances with the stars. She spies on autumn fairies painting the trees and travels with the leaves as they fall. She imagines our world in different colors and gets cozy with insects. She even imagines pulling a tooth from a crocodile and living through it. These are only some of the events and some are illustrated in full color. She had fun writing these poems and hopes that you enjoy reading them.

  • Dewan! “Ooh, Nuts”

    DEWAN! “OOH, NUTS” is one of a series of Children books that humorously follows a seven year old boy who tries very hard to prove that he is not too young to do BIG things for himself. But while trying to gain his autonomy or independence, he almost always encounter mishaps which leaves a messy trail that always lead back to DEWAN!

  • Every Girl Is a Princess

    Every girl is a princess is about group of young girl who want to be princesses. One girl knows just how to do it! Will they all believe?

  • Fun Times Growing Up : True Stories of Lessons Learned With Family and Friends

    True stories of the growing up experiences of four
    children, three boys and one girl, ages ten, six, four
    and two. The author’s first two children spent their
    weekdays with their grandparents, allowing the author
    to work. When the oldest reached age four the author
    decided to remain home and devote all of her energy to her
    children. As the family grew to include two more, the author’s
    love and attention expanded so that each of her four always felt
    as though they were primary in her eyes. The author hopes you’ll
    enjoy the six true stories in this book.

    About the author:

    Donna Giuffrida first penned drafts of the six stories in this book 15 years ago, 10 years after stepping away from a very promising career in the insurance industry to remain home to raise her family. Never looking back, Donna was relentless in her devotion to the intellectual, mental and physical development of each of her four children. The stories contained herein are factual recounts of some of their early experiences. This book is therefore dedicated, by her loving children and husband, to Donna, for whom this publication is a surprise, to chronicle and commemorate her selfless, steadfast, unfettered love.

  • Grandma Waves with her Heart

    If you want to see God and feel His presence, you can find it in abundance in a child. Our Bible teaches us that “children are a gift from God and that children’s children are a crown to the aged and the parents are a pride to their children. “I have been so very blessed by God to be the recipient of an awesome, incredible family that only God could create.
    Believe me, I have enjoyed every second of my children’s, my grandchildren’s, and my great grandchildren’s lives. Being a major part of their lives had brought me closer to Our Father God than anything else. My lap has been the place of many stories and life’s lessons, prayers, and the healings. It’s the little things in their lives that linger in my memory longer and bring me much joy!

    About the author:

    AUSTINE ROYER SMITH is a mother, grandmother, great grandmother, homemaker, and member of the First Baptist Church of Garden City, Georgia, and serves her Lord by fulfilling speaking engagements in churches, civic organizations, and broadcast programs. She has a three-year diploma from Rhema Bible Training Correspondence Center of Tulsa Oklahoma.
    The author is founder of Ruth 2:7/Founding House Ministries, established upon a vision given to her by God during her mission trips to Haiti. The purpose of these ministries is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and provide a shelter as well as secular and religious instruction for many of the homeless Haitian children found abandoned in the streets and jungles of that impoverished nation. All proceeds from this book will go to the Ruth 2:7/Founding House Ministry.
    For further information on these ministries, for speaking engagements, or for ordering additional copies of this book and of Mrs. Smith’s other titles. Haiti Is Waiting, If That Isn’t Love, The Edge of The Field, Present Bouquets and Boci’s New Shoes.

    Contact information:
    Founding House Ministries
    P.O. Box 18114
    Garden City, GA 31408
    Phone: 912-826-3500
    Email: [email protected]

  • Hagatha and the Miracle

    A city witch decides to visit a country school. Using her shape-shifting skills she manages to join a third-grade classroom without being detected. There she experiences the effect of a school bully in the class.

    Hagatha is upset until she witnesses the miracle generated by a good deed.

    About the author:

    As a teacher, Ruth Amutice has had the opportunity to study classroom dynamics for many years. She is convinced that all of a teacher’s preparation and skill is wasted unless every child feels accepted and fully noticed.

  • Hana’s Inner Teacher: Her Imagination

    Children’s behavior has been a lifelong interest of the author. Following her interests, she studied to be a teacher, starting with elementary school children. She also taught junior high and high school, where she taught the same problem-solving sentences to her older students. They were appreciative of the skills of “active listening” and “congruent sending of messages.” She used the program for her students’ abilities to communicate clearly with friends, parents, and teachers for the “no bully effect.”

    About the Author
    The author has been interested in children’s behavior since beginning working with children in elementary schools and then continued through the middle and high school. One of the scientific ideas she taught her students is that everything is energy. Our moods and feelings are energies that we are “sharing” with all living things wherever we go. Our energies do affect others and, other people’s energies affect us somewhat. So we need to be aware of how we feel. We can decide to protect ourselves every morning when we wake up by ignoring bad moods and by making a ball of energy around ourselves. This story tells how Hana realized she could be in better moods when she could simply take care of her own feelings.




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