Coconut Fun

By Elisient Vernon


What nine or ten year old is not intrigued with stories of fun and adventure!

Travelling from British Columbia, Canada, to the Caribbean Island was like travelling from one end of the world to another; and going from an urban setting to a rural village was equally traumatic. However, the boredom that Justin feared he would experience in this strange rustic village without electricity or televisions was now being replaced by a feeling of excitement.

“Coconut Fun” tells entertaining short stories about Canadian city boy, Justin, and his Caribbean country cousin, Nate, while teaching facts about the coconut palm.

Listen to ten year old country boy, Nate, and his unique was of speaking. “Me will teach yo’ lots of coconut fun before the holidays are over.”

The stories are real, drawn from the author’s own childhood experiences during the late 40’s and 50’s.

About the Author:

Elisient Maeve Vernon spent most of her life in children’s ministry. She worked with children in the churches pastored by her husband Rev. Samuel Vernon who is now retired from full time ministry.

Mrs. Vernon spent her early years in a rural village in Jamaica where her father was the pastor. She was a tomboy, the only girl among several brothers.

After High School she was trained as a children’s librarian. Her years of experience in working with children in the Library Services in Jamaica, Trinidad and Western Canada, and also her studies in child psychology, writing for children and study of the Bible were evidences that God had prepared her to become Younger Children editor for Caribbean Christian Publications (CCP).

She now resides with her husband of 63 years in Miami, Florida.

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