Fun Times Growing Up : True Stories of Lessons Learned With Family and Friends

By Donna S. Giuffrida


True stories of the growing up experiences of four
children, three boys and one girl, ages ten, six, four
and two. The author’s first two children spent their
weekdays with their grandparents, allowing the author
to work. When the oldest reached age four the author
decided to remain home and devote all of her energy to her
children. As the family grew to include two more, the author’s
love and attention expanded so that each of her four always felt
as though they were primary in her eyes. The author hopes you’ll
enjoy the six true stories in this book.

About the author:

Donna Giuffrida first penned drafts of the six stories in this book 15 years ago, 10 years after stepping away from a very promising career in the insurance industry to remain home to raise her family. Never looking back, Donna was relentless in her devotion to the intellectual, mental and physical development of each of her four children. The stories contained herein are factual recounts of some of their early experiences. This book is therefore dedicated, by her loving children and husband, to Donna, for whom this publication is a surprise, to chronicle and commemorate her selfless, steadfast, unfettered love.

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