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  • How Kitten Found His Purr

    How the Kitten Found His Purr

    One of the sweetest sounds I can think of is a kitten’s purr, the ultimate expression of contentment and love. Join our lost little kitten as he takes the advice of an old parrot and searches for his purr at an animal shelter where he asks his zany neighbors if they have seen his purr.

    Finally, quite naturally, after seeking and believing, he experiences all the wonderful feelings that explode inside of him like a gentle motorboat. “Yes, he finds it… he really, really finds it,” when he receives the love of a little girl making his dreams come true.

    About the Author:

    Dawn Sloan Verosic was born in New Jersey, worked for an airline in New York City, won an Interline contest, and ended up living in Hawaii. It was on the sunny island of Oahu that she met her husband Ron and first heard the purr of her beautiful white cat, Snow. Life has been filled with many pets and much love for Ron, Dawn, and their three treasured children, Eric, Shane, and Star, as well as their five grand-children. Dawn has been married to Ron for 48 years and wrote her first book in 1976 called, “Freedom Come Home!” With a lifetime of stories to tell, Dawn has been blessed by her faith in Jesus.

  • I Love Your Brown

    I Love Your Brown

    In this love letter from mothers to brown daughters everywhere, little girls are reminded to love the skin they’re in. Girls come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes. Some have long hair, some have short, and others have straight hair or curly. Still, despite the differences, there is something all little brown girls have in common…
    They have the power to be anything! There are those who will say “you can’t,” but that’s just not true. Little brown girls are tough and strong and bright. Each girl was put here for a reason with a God-given purpose and plan. The way girls look and the way they act is no accident; God gave everyone a certain appearance, as well as certain skills.
    The beauty of little brown girls is passed down from their mothers, their grandmothers, and beyond.
    It’s true, things sometimes get tough, but girls know to keep going and fight tough with toughness. Little girls shouldn’t be afraid to be true to the gifts their Father has given them. Be empowered and proud to celebrate the strength of brown girls.

    About the author:

    Daneya L. Jacobs founded Just BE Media to educate girls about harmful media influences and provide them with tools to create new, uplifting messages of their own. Daneya lives with her husband and daughter in Middletown, Delaware.
    Atiya Chase holds a Master’s in education from Wilmington University and published her first book in 2015. Atiya lives with her husband, daughter and son in Townsend, Delaware.

  • If Kids Could Run The World

    If Kids Could Run The World

    This book is based on the idealistic perspective of children, and all the changes children would make if they ran the world.

    About the author:

    Carrie is an author, licensed professional counselor, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. She lives in Fort Worth, Texas, with her husband and two dogs. She enjoys spending time with family.

  • It’s Time to Pray: A Child’s Guide to Prayer

    It’s Time to Pray: A Child’s Guide to Prayer

    This is a new and updated edition of a popular and well received guide to prayer for children. The book is an easy reading, whimsical, and lyrical book for elementary age children. The first half consists of rhyming verses describing what prayer is and how to pray. The second half consists of prayers that can be taught to children. Table prayers, bedtime prayers and general prayers are included. The book is intended for children, but also serves as an aid to parents, grandparents and others who wish to introduce children to the concept of Christian prayer. The book could be used as a First Communion gift or in religious education courses.

    Author Bio

    After teaching Sunday school and language arts to middle schoolers, Georgia Holmes went on to study law, business and theology. She is an emeritus professor who taught courses in the legal and ethical environment of business to master’s level students in the Masters of Business Administration and Masters in Accounting programs at Minnesota State University, Mankato. She has been active in campus ministry.

  • Shirley Jordan - front

    Lisa’s Dog, Sandy

    About the author:

    Shirley Jordan is the youngest of seven children. She is a mother of four, three boys and one girl and a grandmother to five. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas and always puts her family first. Shirley is truly an entrepreneur, owning and operating a haircutting salon for children for ten years. She absolutely adores children. Shirley loves writing children’s books because she says, “Children don’t judge whether or not the pictures are perfect.” Shirley has no enemies and everyone falls in love with her smile. Her smile reflects her true heart and natural beauty. She loves to make people laugh, believing that laughter is good for the heart.

  • looking-for-the-star-front


    Looking For The Star, is a sentimental narrative that takes the reader on a journey through an elementary school classroom. Elements learning centers are focused on throughout the text; such as, a classroom garden, painting center and activity playhouse. The information in the story, supports key common core standards. As the story comes to close, the reader will answer the question, where is the star?

  • Magical Wings

    Magical Wings

    Join Khalia and Ella, two sisters, two caterpillars on their journey to meet new friends and work together to face new challenges along the way. Their dream is to fly, and what lessons they learn along the way are priceless.


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  • Magical Wings: The Journey to Fudge Mountain

    Magical Wings: The Journey to Fudge Mountain

    Magical Wings the Journey to Fudge Mountain is the continuing sequel of Magical Wings. Join our beloved characters on their next adventures to the mysterious journey to Fudge Mountain; on Abi Gail Airlines and the mystery of the lost “I” sickle. We don’t wish to give away too much, it is a must read of mystery, fun and suspense!

    About the author:

    The author, Bobby Sherman, was born in Worcester Massachusetts. Growing up Bobby enjoyed playing the acoustic guitar, writing music and poetry, later developing a love for golf. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy from the University of Miami with a minor in Psychology, and practiced Music Therapy in Florida.
    When he lived in Texas, Bobby volunteered for the Special Olympics. He has since supported many causes; animal welfare, arts and culture, children, education, environment, health, human rights, politics, science and technology.

    Today Bobby owns a day spa called Essentials Retreat Day Spa. You can learn more at our website, www.essentialsretreat.com.

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    I reside in Largo, Florida with my rescues; my doggie Peaches, three cats Titolino, Candy, Manchess and two turtles and fish.


    To receive a dedicated signed copy by the author or more information on any of the fine products of Magical Wings; with much lower shipping prices; please visit my website. www.magicalwingsjourney.com.

  • Mark Rolls The Camera

    Mark Rolls the Camera

    MARK ROLLS THE CAMERA takes place in a classroom environment and tells an engaging story about how an aspiring filmmaker, Mark, produces a short film with the help of his classmates.

    About the Author:

    Sahaj Vederey is a 10th grader who is extremely passionate about literature and poetry. He started writing his own stories since the age of 5 and he has been writing ever since! Sahaj attends Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology and actively participates in forensics debate and annual hackathons around the world. He is the founder of a company called Melodious Productions, which is dedicated to bringing unique and creative ideas to life by creating noncommercial movies. He is a trained pilot and is passionate about coding, creating films, and reading books about aerodynamics during his free time.

  • Chantal Louis - Chantal Louis

    Old Rusty Daniel

    Old Rusty Daniel is about a elevator who faces a lot of obstacles, trials and tribulations and bullying from his brother Robin. Old Rusty Daniel is old and rusty so no one wanted to use him. Many of his sisters and brothers would encourage him while some would try to bring him down, discourage and laugh at him. The best part about this story is Old Rusty Daniel has relationship with God. He believes in God. He believes in prayer. He has confidence that God has a plan for his life. He believes God will answer his prayers. Guess what happens next? God blesses Old Rusty Daniel in make him the greatest elevator in the hotel. No matter what it looks like God is around the corner do not give up remain steady in the Lord.

    About the author:

    My name is Chantal Louis and I am the author of Old Rusty Daniel. Old Rusty Daniel is a testimony of my life. I faced many obstacles because I was a sick child. I was called “retarded”, “flat face”.

    My family would joke about who would take me in because I was too slow to learn. My parents believed in me especially my mother. My mother would pray over me declaring greatness over my life. I loved when she prayed for me but when I got to school, kids would attempt to hurt me. They pulled my hair and laughed at my clothes. I remember coming home taking all my mom’s pills, I wanted to die. One thing I learned from suicide, if God don’t approve it, it cannot and will not come to pass.

    I had a calling over my life. I began to worship and worshiped. I was leading service at church concerns. I was the first one to buy a house in my mother’s kids. The Lord blessed me. I love to write, imaging and worship. One day, I will be a speaker. Nothing is impossible with God strength in me. I live today to give children hope. I am a proud mother of five.
    I wrote this book to empower everyone specially children all over the world. Believe in God for everything. No matter what is looks like, He is there.

    Do not allow no one to tear you down. Your life has a purpose. The devil wants to see you fall but in the name of Jesus, we service him an eviction letter out of our territory and mind. Remember to pray and have faith for everything. Do not give up. The battle is not yours, it is for the Lord. God bless you.