• Daddy S. King -Daddy Loves You

    Daddy Loves You

    I wrote this poem for my daughter Isabel in 2015. I decided to publish it in March 2018, when I found out about my son Anthony. A book for children to draw pictures and give them to their parents, who will cherish them. Sometimes people forget how important they are. A little drawing or picture can mean so much. I hope you take the time to draw a picture and send it to your parent. Always remember you are loved. Daddy Loves You!


    About the author:

    My family comes from all around the world; Canada, Haudenosaunee (Iroquis), Malta, Libya, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Ireland, France, Italy and Denmark. I grew up with my loving parents, near Toronto, Canada. I have three brothers and two sisters, who I love each very much. I wrote this into a book after meeting so many fathers and mothers, who could not spend each day with their children, who they love so much. It is my hope this book may bring families closer together. That parents get all the help they can to help raise their children.