• Administration of Justice: A Career in the Royal Fiji Police

    In Administration of Justice, based on over twelve years of law enforcement career in the Royal Fiji Police, the author M H Koya takes a basic look at the English Legal system drawing a contrast with the most misunderstood Islam Shariah law.

    The book is aimed at inspiring readers for deeper quest in an ever increasing and pervasive subject of criminal justice.

    About the Author:

    Dr. M H Koya (JD) born and raised in a rural farming family won the highest honor as Police Chief Cadet in his over twelve years of law enforcement career. He worked as CID Detective, Police Prosecutor and finished his career as College Instructor. He authored Management course for the senior police administrators in 1982.

    In 1983 he founded the Fiji Institute of Management for which he was awarded Fellowship/PhD in 1985. He immigrated to USA, studied Administration of Justice at Sacramento City College. His combined studies have been equated to Juris Doctorate degree awarded by accredited colleges in USA. Writer, editor/publisher, Koya is a regular presenter and speaker at American Institute of Management, Interfaith America and Open Legal Forum in San Francisco Bay Area.