• Healing After The Navy Yard Shooting: One Survivor’s Story of Her Struggle to Return to a Normal Life

    Dr. Myers’ book gives an enthralling look into what victims face in an active shooter situation. It is a must read not only for those who have experienced such trauma, their friends and family who help them to over come, but anyone who deals with PTSD. This first hand account of her experience is a vivid behind the scenes look at what has become an all too common tragedy in today’s world.

    Allison Martin, MAED
    Author, “Could There Be A God?” and
    “Helping Your Child Survive Trauma”

    About the Author:

    Laurel Myers began her career as a teacher, then worked for the US government as a child development center director, and instructional systems specialist, joined private industry in acquisition logistics engineering, returning to government as an instructional systems specialist, then training specialist and is currently a branch chief in workforce development. Myers and her husband live near Washington, D.C.

    “For the first time, I looked back at the shooting event as an event that happened to more people than just me and my friends who were killed. This time, from outside my cocoon, I looked at the damage caused to the lives of everyone else, and not just me. I felt like I finally opened my eyes for the first time since I’d closed them to focus on the sounds of the shots when I was locating the shooter for the 911 operator. I observed how people responded differently to everyday occurrences now. They’d changed, just as I had.” -Laurel Myers, author