• How the Kitten Found His Purr

    One of the sweetest sounds I can think of is a kitten’s purr, the ultimate expression of contentment and love. Join our lost little kitten as he takes the advice of an old parrot and searches for his purr at an animal shelter where he asks his zany neighbors if they have seen his purr.

    Finally, quite naturally, after seeking and believing, he experiences all the wonderful feelings that explode inside of him like a gentle motorboat. “Yes, he finds it… he really, really finds it,” when he receives the love of a little girl making his dreams come true.

    About the Author:

    Dawn Sloan Verosic was born in New Jersey, worked for an airline in New York City, won an Interline contest, and ended up living in Hawaii. It was on the sunny island of Oahu that she met her husband Ron and first heard the purr of her beautiful white cat, Snow. Life has been filled with many pets and much love for Ron, Dawn, and their three treasured children, Eric, Shane, and Star, as well as their five grand-children. Dawn has been married to Ron for 48 years and wrote her first book in 1976 called, “Freedom Come Home!” With a lifetime of stories to tell, Dawn has been blessed by her faith in Jesus.