• Rejuvenation 2.0

    Rejuvenation 2.0 explains the fundamental basis for how and why our cells get old and die. It begins with vascular inflammatory free radical impingements on capillary- endothelial cell basement membranes that occur as a result of repetitive- maladaptive behaviors and lifestyle choices. The free radical impingements block the back and forth pivot and swing of capillary cell outer membranes and mitochondria. When capillary cell mitochondria don’t swing combustion from energy to nitric oxide, chronic inflammation within end organ interstitial spaces will take the signaling lead to foment disease venues, deterioration of end organ function and set off relentless waves of fatigue and pain. The way back to wellness can be difficult but begins with reducing vascular inflammatory free radial impingements on capillary endothelial cell basement membranes to unlock the capillary cell pivot and swing dance. Its anti-inflammatory pace and stem and ricochet signaling effect to mesenchymal and end organ cells as well as to the interstitial space will follow, as chronic inflammation takes a check mate.

    About the Author:
    Bio/about the author (max 100 words): Dr. Buckingham is a practicing physician, research scientist, author, patient advocate and consultant of complex chronic medical issues for 40 years. During this span, he has been the last of a medical generation to experience the rarified air of the broadest swath of patient experience; from seeing everyday patients in the office, to consulting on complex cases in the operating and emergency rooms, to managing the sickest of the lot in the intensive care unit. It is from this vast swath of care that repeated patterns of disease and chronic illness emerged and gave impetus to seek out the root cause to these patterns. The fourth book in a series, Rejuvenation 2.0! lays out the case for how chronic inflammation extorts signaling control of the interstitial space by blocking the capillary cell dance, and then utilizing our own immune arsenal to expand disease venues and disrupt end organ function.

  • Trafficking

    Have you ever wondered how we age and why we get sick? Trafficking, the third book in a trilogy that includes Hazing Aging and Rejuvenation!, exposes the chronic inflammatory underworld and how it does its dirty business to transform end organ interstitial spaces into a sea of diseases. The book clarifies how this transition is evoked, how it disables the signaling apparatus of the protective capillary cells, and then proceeds to dismantle all of the cells within the interstitial space that capillaries are friendly to. In the end, after mission accomplished, the interstitial space footprint now belongs to chronic inflammation and the anti-organ. In this final apocalypse, capillary cells have long since stopped dancing, and their feedback loop signals to the allied partners have been replaced by rogue influences. White blood cells, cytokines, platelets, and immunoglobulins within the darkened corners of end organ interstitial spaces now belong to chronic inflammation. The interstitial spaces becomes barren and lifeless as we no it. A perfect backdrop for disease venues, pain, fatigue and aging. It is not too long afterword, that the end organ takes a slit to the throat.