• A CAT with SPOTS

    Oliver struggles to fit in because of the way he looks and begins to question why he is different. He is teased and bullied by his friends and siblings because of his unique spots. Eventually he visits Theodore at the Kuddly Kitten Klinic who painted his coat and learns the secret of his spots, and finally accepts himself.

    About the author:

    SHELBY BELFORD loves that through her books she has the opportunity to encourage children in the fight against bullying through her love for animals. She is delighted with the liberty to influence the upcoming generation of children by writing encouraging stories from her childhood about the furry friends in her life. What began as a senior project in high school has now blossomed into her becoming a published children’s author and advocate for many accredited non-profit organizations through her movement, Shelby Belford Books. You can find out more about Shelby and her vision for bringing awareness to non-profit organizations at www.shelbybelford.com.