Reflective Poetry for the Spirit by Alan R. Olmsted
Reflective Poetry for the Spirit by Alan R. OlmstedReflective Poetry for the Spirit by Alan R. Olmsted

Reflective Poetry for the Spirit

By Alan R. Olmsted


Who said poetry is just for love? Poetry is an art that encompasses all known topics and ideas, conveying forth feelings that capture even the hardest of hearts.

In this beautiful and spiritual book written by Alan Olmsted, he shares a collection of poems that uses imagery to express a spiritual walk with God, bringing forth a spirituality that has remained dormant within the best of us.

This is your ticket to praise the Creator in an incredibly artistic way, bringing you closer to God, and enhancing your interior life, as you read through marvelous works of poetry, sure to captivate any broken soul.

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Living in the presence of God is a high honor, a privilege, and the glorious life of a Spirit-filled believer who is committed to God. This poetry uses imagery that expresses a spiritual walk or journey with God, our Creator. Talking to the Lord, sharing with Him, cultivating friendship and intimacy with Him, while maintaining obedience to Him, are gateways to being in His presence. Listening and yielding to the Lord and worshipping Him are important ingredients in having a spiritual relationship with God. Think of prayer as being in His presence, facing Him, talking to Him, but remember that He is Creator, our heavenly Father, and we are His creation, made in His image. We must give Him admiration, praise, and our yielded selves to Him.


  • “It has been a wonderful pleasure for me to read this manuscript, it is beautifully written. Your love and faith for God is truly uplifting to read. The title you have chosen is perfect for your work; I totally believe this manuscript would make an outstanding chapbook.

    You write with flair, your faith is so very strong and it shows in every poem. This manuscript is well done.” 

    Joy Ramsey Editor, The Plowman Ministries

  • “Thank you for sending this to me! It is expressive and impressive, extremely well written with superior material. Please keep on writing as your work is fabulous and you have a great writing talent.” 

    Tony Scavetta, The Plowman Ministries

About the Author

Alan Olmsted grew up in Central New York and received a BS degree in Business Administration from Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester, NY. He currently works and resides in Syracuse, NY. In high school, he enjoyed literature and writing.

Growing up, his parents took him to Sunday school and church. He grew up reading the Bible, so he spent time praying to God and seeking Him. This helped him develop a relationship with God that never ceased. He waxed and waned, but he has never given up on seeking Him.



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