Hatred Addiction Recovery: Prescriptions for Wellness

By W. J. Webb, MDIV, MS, MA


Hatred Addiction Recovery defines, explores, illustrates and analyzes the nature and the human destructiveness of hatred as an acquired contagious addictive illness that poses a lethal threat to human life and society, itself. This book informs and illustrates the insidious pervasiveness of the toxic, deadly influence and effects of hatred as a spiritual illness; impacting individual health and security and the total wellbeing of society. It also has good news that emphasizes possibilities for prevention, control, treatment, recovery and the elimination of hatred. Hatred Addiction Recovery provides hope through education, methods and means to overcome an omnibus global threat to human life, known as hatred. Hatred is a total loser. It hates not only the hated, it hates self as the hater.

About the author:

Author W. J. Webb is a Certified Clinical Supervisor with the Georgia Addiction Counselors’ Association. He has worked professionally as a Mental Health, Criminal Justice, Addiction Clinician and Theological Educator for over 40 years. He has received an award from the Governor of the State of Georgia for his contributions in mental health and substance abuse services. He is a pastor and instructor of public theology. Webb is the CEO of the Christian Association of Public Theologians in Atlanta, GA. He is a graduate of Morehouse College, Clark Atlanta University, Georgia State University and the Morehouse School of Religion at ITC in Atlanta, GA. His ministerial efforts are focused on ameliorating the serious escalating culture crisis humanity faces. He believes that public theology (in addition to private religion) used through the disciplines of God’s gifts of science, art, law and true religion, has the potential to solve human problems. Public theology embraces the whole Gospel for the whole person for the whole world.

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