Ellie: A Vietnam War Romance

By George Yenney


In the summer of 1966, sixteen-year-old California surfer girl Ellie Miller dates three boys bound for Vietnam. Bobby joins the Army to escape a broken home. Steve is suddenly called to active duty in the Navy. Darrel joins the Marines after his surfboard is stolen.

Then on a warm and sultry evening just before school starts, during a riot, Ellie is seized under the veil of authority by a sailor who has just returned from a life spent overseas in the horrors of combat and the depths of debauchery. In war, precious things are plundered.

About the author:
Mr. Yenney, a Navy brat, was born Virginia, raised in California and attended military boarding school in Wisconsin before serving two tours with the U.S. Navy in Vietnam. He earned degrees from UCSB and CSUDH. He has lived in Oregon, Texas, and Mexico. For more than a decade he taught English and conducted international business in the Republic of China on Taiwan. He was a bilingual educator in Oxnard, California for 20 years. He speaks Spanish and Chinese. He currently resides in Ventura, CA., working on his fifth novel.

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