Box Office Trivia

By Mark Slyman


This book contains two thousand trivia questions about movies that were made in Hollywood and a number of other locations, over more than one hundred years. Some of the topics include the original names of certain actors. What actors and actresses starred in certain films, what directors won an Oscar for directing certain films. Also, what were the names of the characters that actors and actresses played in certain films. Also includes who composed the music score of certain films… and much, much more!

Mark Slyman was born in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. He is the second child born to Raymond A. Slyman and Alice (Dodds) Slyman. By the time Mark was fifteen years of age, he had lived in five different states throughout the country. His father was in the insurance business and was therefore transferred frequently by the Company that he worked for to different regions. Today, Mark resides in western Pennsylvania and is hoping to have a game show of his own that he created for television in the near future!

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