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  • A is for Adjective: An American English Encyclopedia to its Syntax and Grammar (colored version)

    A is for Adjective is for ANY L1 (language one) or L2 (language two) speakers of the English language who might be in the process of wanting to learn more. This includes teachers and students alike, who may want to either study, teach, learn, or do simple research of it. The book is a type of encyclopedia that will compare and contrast the English language to Turkish and includes English-to-Turkish translations.

    The book will start by exploring the history of both languages. In Unit One, it will explore the concepts of phonetics and phonology of the American English dialect at the primary level. Unit Two will then focus on the linguistic study of syntax at the primary level. This will include learning the nine lexical categories as well as understanding what phrases and phrase structure rules are, et cetera. Unit Three will then go on to cover the grammatical notions of contractions and wh-questions. Unit Four will finish the volume by bringing up the idea of tenses.

    Unit Five, which begins Volume Two, will consist of nearly everything about English grammar. Unit Six will finish the volume by bringing up the linguist’s concept of affixation. Unit Seven aka Volume Three, for A is for Adjective, is a compendium of useful words, phrases, and expressions organized by category (e.g. foods and sports).

    The goal of these books is to teach the English language, its grammar, and the sciences behind it. For some, having a supportive instructor might be needed. In the end, anyone who can comprehend the information from front to back will therefore become more aware of the language than that of the average speaking L1-native-English speaker. This is guaranteed.

  • A Journey in Nature: Paintings, Drawings and Calligraphy

    This book takes a unique approach to exploring the joys of nature by combining beautiful floral paintings with pen & ink animal drawings. Companion passages to these works may be found throughout the book, skillfully hand-calligraphered in a variety of typefaces. The titles of several of the paintings make the viewer aware that a specimen of wildlife is concealed therein. You will savor the pages with the artist as your guide.

    Brendler has always been intrigued by the architecture of flowers. She has a special interest in gardening and photography. She walks along her trails, observing and taking pictures of the insects, birds and other creatures that move among the flowers. This provides source material for her large acrylic paintings.

  • A Lady Crowned with Fleurs-de-lys: A Historical Novel

    Chosen to be the bride of the young King of France, Charles, Isabella, a princess from the German duchy of Bavaria, is welcomed to the most magnificent court of Europe. She spends idyllic years with a loving husband and doting children. But the country is ripe with intrigues and political schemes hatched by the king’s ambitious uncles and brother, all of them trying to take advantage of the still simmering war between France and England for their own personal gain.

    A drama enfolds that will forever change Isabella’s life and reputation. After a first attack of folly, Charles falls deeper and deeper into insanity. Desperate and alone, Isabella finds refuge in her brother-in-law’s love. When Louis is murdered she becomes a pawn in the political intrigues that are ripping France apart and her worst instincts take over as she abandons herself to a life of greed, sex, pleasures, and selfishness. She becomes “Isabeau of Bavaria” – a foreigner in the eyes of her people – dishonoring her husband and herself when she declares her son Charles, the rightful future king of France, to be illegitimate.
    When she dies, a few years after her husband, and when her son at last does become Charles VII, nobody remembers the gracious princess from Germany who enchanted them all on her wedding day at the side of the young King. They think only of the corrupted woman whose name has become synonymous with depravity and blind ambition.

  • A LETTER TO TRISH: Life as a Jarrell in the early 20th Century

    A Letter to Trish” details the life and lifestyles experienced while growing up on a middle class plantation in the early 1900’s.

    Due to her daughter’s request for her mother to retell her many experiences, Bea wrote this educational narrative.

    She uses her robust and very descriptive vocabulary to make for an enjoyable, informative and fun read for those interested in southern history or for anyone else who enjoys reading a well written book.

    Bea recalls her childhood while growing up as one of the eleven Jarrell children, allowing the reader to be well informed of how life was during this era for a large family on a farm. She describes the ways of living which may sound dubious to many people today.

    She and her siblings were the last generation of the Jarrell’s to work the farm land.

    In 1974, the Jarrell Plantation was donated to the State of Georgia. It is now a State Historic site. For the most part the plantation is in its original setting.

    For anyone who has ever visited the Jarrell Plantation, this book may add another dimension to that visit.

  • A Little Worm’s Life

    A Little Worm’s Life is about a little worm named Andrew. Andrew was bullied at school because he was little. Andrew knew he could do big things but will he be able to show them? Stay tuned and listen to the story about a Little Worm’s Life.

    Author Bio

    Chentell Merriman is married to Anthony Merriman. They have five loving children and reside in Texas. Three children are in college, and two are still in school.

  • A Long Stretch of Blue

    Arfel Booker is a great young blues musician in the 1940s South. One night, after playing a blues gig in a new town, a beautiful woman takes him back to her log cabin to make love. In the morning (after blacking out from too much liquor), he awakens to an unwelcome surprise. Instead of the woman, an unfamiliar white man is in the bed, and the man’s throat has been slashed with Arfel’s knife.

    Arfel knows he’s been framed, and he makes a run for it and heads north by hopping trains. Once in a safe distance from the southern town, Arfel makes the acquaintance of Lemontree Johnson, a fellow blues man who helps to reestablish Arfel’s music and him. Despite this spot of good luck, Arfel’s troubles are far from over.

    Lemontree is the only person who knows the truth about Arfel’s run from the south and his current state as suspected murderer. All seems lost when a bounty hunter arrives looking for Arfel. Who is the strange murdered white man and how will Arfel Booker escape the long arm of the law this time?

  • A Mustard Seed

    Jake Curtis, the lead character in the story, is totally against God and the bible. Due to a couple of unfortunate incidents Jake allows his life to revolve around pot sales, liquor and womanizing. One day he has a vivid vision of Jesus and ends up going to a local pastor and becomes a true born-again Christian. From this point he reads the bible incessantly, his faith growing rapidly and surprisingly. He accomplishes many extraordinary feats and leads several to Jesus.

    Author Bio:

    Drew Mellis lives in Reno with his wife, Linda, of forty-five years. He has always been interested in writing and this is his second novel. He was not pleased about writing the first book because he felt it was too graphic. In this story, which is fiction, there is a section which actually occurred some forty years ago for this writer. He had the vision of Jesus described early in the present story, and it changed his life completely.


    Empires rise and fall, legends are born, fade away then forgotten, histories are written and rewritten, freedoms flourish, become concurred then are eventually reborn to thrive, and then the cycle begins again, but mankind endures. One of our unique qualities is our ability to survive through difficult times and situations. The Phoenix rises out of the ashes as the inner cry in mankind’s soul cries out to be free to express ourselves. Our inner spirit ultimately always wins.

    Author bio:

    James Varner was born in Bakersfield, California on September 25, 1940. Since his childhood he contemplated the reason to be, asking, What is this thing called life all about?

    His quest for answers has taken him on many interesting journeys exploring world religions and philosophies. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology/Anthropology in 1964 and a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1972. He served in the Peace Corps from 1964 through 1966 and traveled extensively in Europe, around the Mediterranean, Middle East, the continent of Africa, and Mexico always seeking to understand people and find the common core that links people together.

    He is a practicing architect living in Bakersfield, California and lives with his wife, Jean, and grandson Ashton. He enjoys writing short stories about family history, his life and the mystery of the mystical side of human nature.

  • A New Beginning

    Anne and her siblings had lost all they had had in England. She decides to go to the Americas for a new beginning. She has decided, that with hard work, they can recover all they had lost. Anne and her brother begin this monumental task. Then she meets Theo, and he offers her everything she desires and more.

    About the author:

    The author, Alyss Morgan, lives in Vilonia, Arkansas. She lives with her husband of 47 years and her cocker Spaniels and cats. She lives in the peace and quiet of the country and loves it. She is a devoted reader of fiction.

  • A Perfect Companion

    Here for you is an entertaining collection of five short stories. For starters, how about a little hand-to-hand combat with Arab terrorists and then, how about attacks by pirates? Maybe also survive horrendous storms at sea. Then—How about some fantasy just to try something different? Maybe you would just like to travel to interesting places with interesting people?

    No social messages included here. No problems to solve, just good, old fashioned entertaining adventures with a touch of humor here and there.

    Of course, of course, of course, there have to be pretty girls around somewhere, right? What is a good adventure without some? I (Your Author) always say: you can never have too many ladies/girls around! Every story here has at least one, somewhere—guaranteed.

    Maybe for some of you, you would like to go back to yarns set in a previous era or maybe at times, something current is what you are looking for; it’s all here—somewhere, I do believe. Take a look. Anyway, how can you not have a good and an interesting time when you are lucky to have with you, “A Perfect Companion”?