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  • A City of Gold

    Can true love really overcome the apparent fact of betrayal?

    Sylma and Daryl are happily married, but when Sylma uncovers a secretive note from another woman to Daryl, she is forced to deal with her suspicion about him when he suddenly goes away on a supposed business trip to San Francisco. When she can’t find the answers she needs around their city of Frisco, Texas, Sylma goes to San Francisco to try and find him, and then eventually to Panama accompanied by her brother-in-law detective whom she cannot fully trust but needs his services. This is just the beginning of a fast-paced tale containing sudden turns and surprises.

    About the author

    NEIL STIPP is an author, music teacher, organist, and a published composer. A native southern Californian, he received his doctorate in organ performance and wrote a dissertation on Mozart. His articles have been published by The American Organist. A City of Gold represents his third work of fiction.

  • A Commentary on the GOSPEL of JOHN

    A Commentary on the Gospel of John is an exciting, startling new study by a lay philosopher who may be described as “an uncommon common man.” Though detailed and scholarly, his work is excitingly readable for every seeker of insights. And isn’t that all of us?

    His writing provides a fresh, provocative, yet reverent look at Jesus as he is revealed through John’s writings and the author’s interpretation.

    The author quotes the Gospel of John a few verses at a time–and then explores these quotations with a commentary: though deeply religious he manages to relate them to world leaders and politicians against the backdrop of the classic philosophers. Some of his views are outrageous, but he provides a touchstone that believers, seekers, and doubters may use as a basis for their own religious journeys.

    This is a book valuable for both the secular and religious communities.

  • A Creative Toolkit of Meditations

    A Creative Toolkit of Meditations has twenty meditations that assist you in mastering the two styles of meditation: inquiry and mindfulness. Mindfulness meditation subdues our monkey-mind thoughts. Inquiry meditation asks Inner Silence for an answer to painful relationship and work issues.

    A Creative Toolkit of Meditations provides a deep understanding of our underlying cultural conditioning and introduces an innovative approach to using meditation to reduce emotional stress and achieve self-realization.

    About the author:
    Bill Blake has taught meditation for fifteen years. Participants in his classes create their own meditation toolkits. He has been involved in seven self-growth practices. His meditation approach ensures increased creativity, better relationships, and happiness. Blake and his wife live in Marina Del Rey, Southern California.

  • A Darker Shade of Blue

    The poignant coming of age story of a twelve-year-old, dark-skinned African-American girl named Rena, who grew up in a mulatto family in a small southern town during the 1940s and 50s.

    Rena has to cope with the blatant racism of the time and the tensions over skin color within her own family. She is the first dark-skinned child born to a family of first-generation offspring of people of mixed white and black ancestry. She is forced to confront her mother’s death with a family that sees her as an intruder. Thus, she embarks on a journey of discovery, uncovering family secrets surrounding her birth, her mother’s mental illness, and the motives behind the indifference her family feels toward her.


    About the author:

    Erie Spencer grew up in the state of Louisiana, surrounded by a rich history of African-American culture and folklore. She began writing short stories as a hobby, drawing characters with their own language, beliefs and mores from her vivid imagination.

    After high school, she moved to Chicago, Illinois where she earned a Bachelor of General Studies in psychology from Roosevelt University and a Master’s degree in criminal justice from Chicago State University.

    In 2006, she was awarded a grant from the Community Arts Assistance Program from the City of Chicago Cultural Center for Literature.

  • A Dream Bunny’s Tale

    A Dream Bunny’s Tale fable series are whimsical tales about how the hopes, dreams and wishes of all the children in the world float to a magical land known as the Place of Dreams. Barely hidden between the space of sleep and our dreams, you will find out how it all began, and how the children of this world find their way to this magical kingdom.

    It all started when Dream Bunny and his best friend, a little star named Twinkley, who both resided in the Place of Dreams noticed that their charmed kingdom was slowly disappearing. The children of the world had stopped using their own creative imagination causing the magical land to slowly fade away.

    Fortunately, Twinkley knows what to do, but it isn’t long before the two friends discover that the plan to be in the real world is a bit more complicated than they had anticipated.

    Discover how Dream Bunny and Twinkley find a way to save the Place of Dreams!

    About the Author:

    Christine (cJ) Garrett was born in England to a mother who was an opera singer and a Shakespearean actress. The family moved to the United States when the author was very young. Her deep love for the arts was formed during the many hours she spent as a child backstage watching her mother perform. Following in her mother’s creative footsteps, she is both an artist and a writer.

    A Dream Bunny’s Tales series is the author’s favorite works. From illustrations to original lullaby music, to animation screenplay and toys, she has created all aspects of this whimsical project.

  • A Father & Son’s Journey: 11 Life Lessons

    This book offers 11 life lessons that a Dad shared with his son as a way to bond. Dad shares his life lessons and experiences with his son and his son shares his lessons and experiences back as he has encountered in his life to date.

    Using real-life examples and anecdotes, this book provides a guide for helping young people find purpose and recognizing true potential in life. Dr. Ram Ramcharran and Malhar Ramcharran, share life experiences with these 11 life lessons showing how is has impacted their lives.

    A Father and Son’s Journey is Love and understanding for each other and the people around them.

    Malhar and Ram Ramcharran live what they taught in this book. I know that the short stories and lessons they shared comes from the center of their hearts. I have seen it and experienced their love and compassion for each other and the people around them.

    Dr. Shelton Wood. Jr. – GWUA President

    Reading the stories of the lessons shared between a father and son brought back most the wonderful memories I had with my dad growing up. I encourage everyone to pick up this book and share it with your love ones.

    Philip Nelson – Former executive – Eckerd Corp


    About the authors:

    Malhar & Dr. Ram P. Ramcharran decided to write these short life lessons as a way to help share similar experiences and bond. Malhar encountered some bullying from classmates and Dr. Ram wanted him to write his experiences as a way to help encourage more confidence when dealing bullies.

    Malhar is 12 years old and attends a STEM charter school. Malhar enjoys coding, Minecraft games, writing and producing content for his You Tube channel.

    Dr. Ram Ramcharran is an entrepreneur, consultant and author. Dr. Ramcharran is proud of Malhar sharing his lessons with others despite being so personal; he recognized it may help others who may face similar challenges.

    Malhar and Ram Ramcharran live in Tarpon Springs, Florida

  • A Father’s Stories For His Children

    A Father’s Stories For His Children, is a series of stories written to spark discussions not only in school but at home as well. The author is an educator and a retired USAF officer. He put these short stories together for his children and grandchildren drawing from his experiences growing up and as educator and military officer. Many of these stories deal with real life issues all kids face. The
    stories are grounded in Biblical principles and have Bible passages to look up for further study and discussion.

    About the Author:

    Dr. Robert D. Shanks Jr. (Dr. Bob) is a retired USAFR Colonel who served in the intelligence field. A former junior high school teacher and public school administrator in Nebraska, he was often called for active duty assignments. His last active duty assignment was as a professor at the USAF Air War College located at Maxwell AFB, in Montgomery, AL. He is a graduate of the University of Nebraska,
    the USAF Air Command and Staff College (ACSC) and the Air War College. After retirement he served as an Adjunct Professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) in Prescott, AZ.


    A Handbook of Marketing Mathematics explains twenty areas in marketing. The first area is marketing cost. This looks at accounting in marketing, budgeting, costs and credit sales. The second area
    looks at consumer behavior. This includes customer satisfaction and consumer attitude. The third section looks at marketing ratios which include marketing activity ratios, marketing leverage, market liquidity ratio, market profitability, and productivity ratios. The fourth area, market attractiveness, looks at market potential and market forecast. The fifth part, market strategy, looks at marketing research and target marketing. The sixth part looks at the 4Ps: product, pricing, promotion, place. Marketing math examples illustrate each area.

    About the Author:

    Dr. Rowland Chidomere is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Winston-Salem State University in
    Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Oklahoma and an MBA and
    BBA from the University of Central Oklahoma. Dr. Chidomere has taught several marketing subjects
    including the Principles of marketing, Marketing management, Salesmanship, Retailing, Marketing
    research, and International marketing courses since 1984. He won Teaching Excellence Awards in 1987
    and 1999 at Winston-Salem State University. Dr. Chidomere’s research and publications have focused primarily on marketing management and marketing education with articles published in the Journal of
    Marketing Education, Journal of Advanced Management, and Ideas in Marketing.

    His presentations are published in the Atlantic Marketing Proceeding and SAM International Management Proceeding. Dr. Chidomere has been involved in several professional development projects, including Distance Learning, Internet marketing, and ways to utilize technology such as Microsoft Excel to create mathematical functions and models to use in marketing. He is a frequent contributor and reviewer for marketing and management journals and proceedings. His marketing knowledge
    is vast, and he has taught and researched in different areas of marketing in the past nineteen years.

  • A History of Orthopedics

    A HISTORY OF ORTHOPEDICS portrays the beginning of orthopedic surgery from ancient times to the current era. It follows the gradual development of a specialty from Egypt to the European continent and England and from there to the United States of America. After the discovery of anesthesia and x-rays in the 19th century, a more rapid development of surgical endeavors led to the current situation where arthroscopy could view and treat deranged joint mechanics, and painful arthritic joints could be replaced. Many of the important persons who helped reach this current state are listed with their contributions. Whereas in the 19th century orthopedic surgery was still considered part of general surgery, in the 20th century the two specialties became separated. In addition, there was a struggle between conservative practitioners (the “Strap and Buckle” doctors) and those who felt surgical intervention provided better results.

    About the Author:

    Retired Orthopedic Surgeon Justin Howland practiced orthopedics in Redding, California for 28 years. After graduating from Yale University, he received his MD degree from N.Y. Medical College. He interned at Kaiser in San Francisco, and his residency was at Fitzsimons in Denver. After a tour in Europe and a stint as Chief of Orthopedics at Fort Dix, N. J., he and his family (five children) returned to California.

  • A is for Adjective: An American English Encyclopedia to its Syntax and Grammar (B&W)

    A is for Adjective is for ANY L1 (language one) or L2 (language two) speakers of the English language who might be in the process of wanting to learn more. This includes teachers and students alike, who may want to either study, teach, learn, or do simple research of it. The book is a type of encyclopedia that will compare and contrast the English language to Turkish and includes English-to-Turkish translations.

    The book will start by exploring the history of both languages. In Unit One, it will explore the concepts of phonetics and phonology of the American English dialect at the primary level. Unit Two will then focus on the linguistic study of syntax at the primary level. This will include learning the nine lexical categories as well as understanding what phrases and phrase structure rules are, et cetera. Unit Three will then go on to cover the grammatical notions of contractions and wh-questions. Unit Four will finish the volume by bringing up the idea of tenses.

    Unit Five, which begins Volume Two, will consist of nearly everything about English grammar. Unit Six will finish the volume by bringing up the linguist’s concept of affixation. Unit Seven aka Volume Three, for A is for Adjective, is a compendium of useful words, phrases, and expressions organized by category (e.g. foods and sports).

    The goal of these books is to teach the English language, its grammar, and the sciences behind it. For some, having a supportive instructor might be needed. In the end, anyone who can comprehend the information from front to back will therefore become more aware of the language than that of the average speaking L1-native-English speaker. This is guaranteed.