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  • You Are a DIAMOND: Seeing Your Life Like a Diamond: Volume I Scratching the Surface

    Could Diamonds be more than just engagement rings, wedding bands or birthday gifts? Could there be more to Diamonds than just a symbol of financial and social status? Could a Diamond be a message, an instrument of the Divine? What if there is a correlation between the reflection of light inside the Diamond and our thought process? Could a Diamond be more than just a girl’s best friend? An introduction to the journey of a diamond from the depths of the earth all the way to your finger, paralleled to the depth of your Soul all the way into the palm of your hands.

    Learn what the Diamond can teach us about ourselves, our mind, our Soul, our hearts and our bodies. A fun and educational conversation packed with real life experiences and profound spiritual meaning explained in simple terms with realistic and applicable suggestions. Learn how a Diamond can help you understand yourself and improve your life right now! Learn how a simple meditation can help quiet down the chatter of your mind and start hearing the whispers of your Soul. Start scratching the surface of this mysterious crystal called Diamond and become the master creator, the captain of your ship, and stop being a victim of the winds of circumstances.

  • You Are Destined To Soar!

    This book is purported to encourage and assure us that we are destined to live in victory. There are people living in disparity, mediocrity, and unfulfilled. We are formed by our creator to live above and not beneath.
    We are to abstain from procrastinating and step up to soar to excellence. We will soar when we walk in obedience with our creator.

    This book is an avenue for me to encourage you as a wonderful person you are to soar to success. You may, in your current status, feel prosperous and wealthy but yet you are not in God’s plan for your life. Seek and
    ask God your creator to lead you in perfect peace to discover His divine purpose for your life.

    About the Author:

    Dr. (Mrs.) Margaret Ngozi Iduma is an educator with passion. She has a Master degree in Reading, and Educational Specialist in Curriculum and Instruction from Wayne State University. She also
    earned her PhD in Christian Counseling from Christian Leadership University. She aspires in constructing curriculum that will help both parents and educators to train and teach our children better. She is very passionate in prayers, married, and blessed with three great sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren. She is a living proof that great things can happen in the life of any believer.

  • You Are Not Alone

    YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I too have been through ALL these traumas and I survived to write this book for you. I offer you hope and victory.

    I think there is a huge market for this work. Millions of people suffer with the aftermath of trauma. There is no age limit on pain.

    From these words emerge three truths.

    You are not alone!

    There is hope and victory after trauma.


    You need to get help!

    I present this collection because I think I have something to offer the world. I believe my writing fulfills my purpose in this life. To help others.

    It is uniquely done in a collection of poetry that tells a tale. They are related and based on actual events and thoughts. There are dark poems to show that I too have been there. There are also victory poems to show there is hope. I believe the book is going to help people have hope and the power to move on.


    About the author:

    I was born Patricia Louise Cox in Cleburne, TX. I am the original Danskeanna! I created the name over 30 years ago and since then hundreds of people are using the name online. I have one son and two granddaughters. I started writing when I was 14. This collection represents 50 years of writing. My childhood was a nightmare plagued with chaos, violence and abuse. Those events became the platform on which my writing is based.

    I worked in the publishing industry for many years. I worked at AUTO TRADER MAGAZINE and THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS.

    They say women base their relationships on their first experience with a man, their father. I have been married three times. I never knew love from my father making it hard to accept love from other men. I had nothing to base it on.

    In spite of the trauma I had been through, I found myself emerging as a stronger person. I am now confident and loving.I am still growing . Proving that you can survive any trauma and come out a better person.

  • You Are Your Brother’s Keeper

    Reading this book will encourage you to allow the love of God to live within you. You’ll be able to forgive, show love, make sacrifices, mentor and care for someone else other than yourself.


    About the author:

    My name is Minnie Russaw Jordan. I live in a small town called, Clayton, Alabama. I love the peace and quiet of country living. My hobbies are reading, writing, and gardening. I like to see things grow and I have a passion for outreaching. I have five brothers and five sisters. I also have two sons, seven grandchildren, and three great grandchildren.

  • You Did What!?

    Ed and his assistant Arthur had begun what was to be a routine photo-journalistic assignment for Ed’s magazine. And routine it was until “Old Betsy” stopped running in a small village in the Ural Mountains of Russia. That is when things began to get more complicated. They had no idea they were then about to become involved with the Russian Mafia or the notorious and mysterious, Madame O. Let alone soon becoming involved with a couple of the most beautiful girls they had ever seen in their lives!

    To add a little more spice to their lives, how about then turning “Old Betsy” in for a camel caravan on to Ulan Bator as they travel with a nomadic family? Maybe throw in assorted Mongolian bandits as well as providing an insight into the lives of assorted Mafiosi. That is just for starters. You might have trouble putting this one down once you start it.

  • You too can live to be a Hundred

    We have not organized names, places, and pictures to be in any specific order, but have chosen names, such as Dr. Cooley, Dr. Cooley’s daughter, Alan Flager, and Henry Tejano to be leading

    Several pages of extra space were allocated to my dear friends, Russell Ybarra, Heather McKeon, and Chris Kase.

    I have spent many hours in assembling the material for my book. The readers of my book will get to know many of the leading names in my book.

    There is not any author that can assemble any book he has written without some professional assistance, so I am grateful and indebted to Joe Diouf for the hours he has given me in typing many of the pages, and correcting my grammatical mistakes, I say “THANK YOU”.

    Joe Diouf is the Operations Manager at Bayou Bend Towers.


    A no nonsense guide for the new believer in Christ that is a must. Explore the next steps that are vital for you to thrive as a Christian. This book can be used as a reference that you will go back to time and time again.
    • Get a good foundation as a Christian using the principles included.
    • Be inspired and strengthened with a key Bible memory verse in bold in each chapter.
    • Gain inspiration from personal experiences and lessons learned from the author.
    • Dig deeper using the questions for reflection and discussion at the end of every chapter.

    About the Author:

    Tracey Mulherin is a Born-Again Spirit-filled Christian. In this book, she shares her insights, tips, and personal experiences to get you started on your new journey, living the exhilarating life as a Christian. She was ordained as a minister in 2017 by Jameson School of Ministry. She was certified in 2018 as a Christian Growth Coach by the Christian Coaching School. In 2017 the Lord prompted her to start a business. She has a passion for equipping Christians for their destiny and calling. You can learn more about what she has to offer at www.TheEquipmentFactory.com

  • Your Amazing Children

    Greg Pettys has given us a wonderful guide in his book, Your Amazing Children, 15 Keys That Unlock Greatness in your Children.

    It is insightful, revelatory, practical and truthful in its approach and conclusions. With practical experience, discernment and wisdom, Greg leads us on a journey through the Mountain Peaks of Joy and the Dark Valleys of unexpected challenges while still keeping our focus on the final goal of unlocking our children’s greatness.

    There is comfort for our pain, wisdom for our decisions, and strategies for our success as parents. Children are champion carriers of divine gifts into the next generation. It is every parent’s responsibility and privilege to steward and shape the formative years of their children by training, modeling and telling the truth. While not even God will overrule the will or decisions of those children, the opportunity to unlock their greatness and implant principles of eternal truth that will shape those decisions is always existent.

    No matter where you are in your parenting or grandparenting experience, you will be blessed and equipped as you read this book.

  • Your Red Wagon: Short Mystery Novel

    Who…or what…was Bobbie Ross running from? Or had someone forced her to “disappear”? Matthew Ross was almost as worried about her as her friend Phyllis Vincent. Bobbie’s mother Lesley Frobisher didn’t seem to be worried at all, but then Lesley never worried about anything, not even herself. Sam Macklin could testify to that, or he could have, until a week ago. So, could Mario Williams, Macklin’s right hand at the Marrakesch Casino. As for Bucky Wallace, the drifter Matt Ross gave a lift into town to, no one could figure out what his connection was to any of it. Not Dells, the cop. Not Ed Gurney, Assistant D. A. and Phyllis’s boyfriend. Not even Pete Hudson, the part-time private eye Phyllis hired to find Bobbie. The only one who seemed to know anything was a local Reno private snoop name Pinky, and he wasn’t talking. Well, not at first, anyway.

    About the author:

    Chris O’Grady has been writing all his life and has self-published several of his novels. Your Red Wagon started out as a long screenplay, too long, and ended up as a short novel. It’s a favorite work and he hopes it has a touch of luck riding with it. We’ll see if it has!

  • Zero Turned Hero

    Zero Turned Hero will take readers from fantasy to reality. Many of us are faced with bullies in our experiences. Some of us may use bully tactics at times, and we know this is wrong. Sometimes incidents in our lives turn us into people we were not meant to be.

    “Tip Top Finds Hope” will open the door to what he felt when kids made fun of him.

    Victor has to accept the consequence of being deceitful and not telling the truth in “Victor Learns a Lesson.”

    What has been your greatest fear? Did you ever get over it? Read “Nightmares” to learn how Joseph overcame his fear.

    A twelve year old girl, had years of pain and grief for doing something for a loved one. Do you agree with the mother or the daughter in “The Onion?” In “The Lavender Dress” readers will find out how a person… can go from being poor…to well off, and yet not be happy.

    Jennifer has a hard decision to make in Jennifer’s Luck. Would you have made the same choice?

    Will has to challenge three bullies in “The End of an Era.” What do you think helped prepare him for the day of his victory?

    Evil may bring out evil. What causes “The Stone King” to become ruthless?

    Zero Turned Hero will challenge minds and imaginations. At times it may seem like an emotional roller coaster ride. Stories can provoke sensitivity, empathy, or remorse. This book has strong messages and critical thinking skills that can lead to great discussions.

    This book contains colorful illustrations.

    About the Author:

    Bessie Frazier was born in Brooklyn, New York. She received her B.A. degree from Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee and her M.A. degree from Montclair State College in New Jersey.While at Fisk, she became a member of the Fisk Writer’s Workshop, under the well known author John Oliver Killens.

    She majored in English and Sociology at Fisk University but received her degree in Sociology. She received her Masters Degree in Education from Montclair State College in Upper Montclair New Jersey, and completed Post Graduate work at Brooklyn College and New York University. She taught English for over 30 years in Brooklyn NY and New Jersey Middle Schools.

    She is the author of poems, stories, plays, and positive raps. She has performed for schools, colleges, churches and special interest groups. Her work has appeared in anthologies, magazines
    and other sources, as well as being featured in Who’s who in the East. Students have performed her work in schools, and she has received countless letters of praise from electrified readers.