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  • Will the Real Israel Please Stand Up!
    How Christians Are Robbed of Their Heritage

    What can we do about the decline of the Christian west? Like the ancient Israelites in Egypt, Americans are simply slaves driven by the taskmasters to produce more with less. This austerity has global ramifications as well. We are spoken of in economic terms such as “taxpayers” and “human resources” – just soul-less beings to be used for the machine. We are no longer “peoples” defined by a common culture, traditions, or eternal values. The church too is in decline.

    The author exposes some little known history of our ancestors and reveals the path to regain liberty. This book is “the rest of the story” and it should give Christians the basic principles needed to understand who they are, where they are going, and what is going on in the world. A primer into Christian Identity in a blend of history, politics and theology; the author proposes biblical measures that could revolutionize the church and the world. Christians and Patriots will never view the Bible the same after reading this book.

  • Win Now for Life: The Four Pillars Of Personal Growth

    Win Now For Life is an easy to follow Four Pillar Guide that promotes your best potential for success. It was developed over a forty-year period.
    Win Now for Life allows you to easily prioritize the things you do best, as well as those things we all need to improve individually. The Four Pillars combined is all anyone needs to start winning today. Anyone can start winning now by following this simple four pillar guide to winning.

    About the author:

    Daniel C. Bryndle lives in East Amherst New York, with his wife Patty. Dan worked in Product Development and Marketing throughout the past thirty years. He has been responsible for contributing to over $300,000,000 in sales throughout those years in industries from real estate, to sporting goods, to imaging software, to environmental silver recovery and plastics.

    Dan’s Win Now for Life is the first in a series of Mighty Mini Speed Novels published by Patty’s Global World, LLC. The goal in the Win Now series of novels is to offer a highly informative winning approach to a multitude of areas of life and work to help others succeed and enjoy the journey to success.

    Winning is important but it isn’t everything. However, the journey to finding winning ways that can help others and point them in the right direction just might be.
    This Mighty Mini Speed novel is published by Patty’s Global World, LLC E Amherst, NY.

  • Winter Riddles

    I started to write riddles for my little daughter Sasha, when she started to ski. She was 3. I had fun rhyming and playing words. Sasha and my older kids were helping me with rhymes and sometimes with my language problems, corrected me.

  • Women Suffering In Silence

    Women are you tired of suffering with your greatest fears haunting you day and night? Have you tried everything your friends and family have suggested – read a number of books, gone to numerous conferences – and still, things are the same? Women Suffering in Silence will enlighten you, as well as encourage you, to take a stand for yourself. You will be able to walk this walk that Christ has ordained for you to live. After reading this book, you will see that all the cover ups will not be necessary for you to have a healthy, wholesome, full life. You will be able, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to confess your silent pain that is buried deep down inside. The purpose of this book is to encourage women to live the victorious life that Jesus went to the cross for, so that all of his children would be set free from the pain of their mistakes, what others have done to them, and what they have done to others.

    About the Author
    Dr. Loretta Y. Howard is a college graduate and an ordained minister, retired public school teacher, mother, grandmother, and a great grandmother. She loves to see God at work in the lives of His people. She had written and published three books. She is currently working on her fourth book.

  • Words Of Wisdom

    In the beginning of this book is things I have pondered about on how to teach our children to think beyond this world and to use their inner man to help them become productive children and adults in this world. Furthermore, it more than just an enlightenment to your soul, it is some life changing experiences and advice that I have given to many and I used this to bring about awareness to one’s situation especially in your lonely hours when you are searching for answers. In this book I am giving you the wisdom that was bestowed upon me to help me overcome and to win the war when I was going through my trials and tribulations.

    About the author:

    I, Sheila Pettigen, I’m a gentle, loving spirit to all who have crossed my path. Furthermore, I also love to write my thoughts on paper especially when I have some alone time, I can hear what thus said the Lord. Also, when the spirit leads me, I love sharing my life experiences and giving advice to those who need it. I am here to tell you that God is no respecter of person what he has done for me in my darkest hours, he will do the same for you, all you have to do is seek him first.

  • Words of Wisdom for Everyday Christian Living

    Words of Wisdom for Everyday Christian Living by Dr. James E. Thompson, D.D.

    A man of great faith with a compassionate heart for God’s people, Dr. James Thompson, D.D., was born on September 24, 1939, during a very dark period in our country’s segregated history in the Deep South. He was born in a small country town called Mifflin and later grew up on a sharecropper’s farm in Luray, Tennessee. It was during those years, he learned some of the most valuable lessons about the purpose, the presence, and the peace of God in his life. In spite of the many personal challenges and unimaginable experiences faced as an individual who was deeply motivated to preach the gospel of Christ early in life, he learned to apply the inspired word and the lessons shared in this book to successfully rise above the challenges faced by God’s grace and mercy.

    Words of Wisdom for Everyday Christian Living is the first volume of these spiritually inspired messages and quotes compiled originally in his daily text ministry. The book is designed to help those who are facing both internal and external challenges in their lives become more reliant on the word and the wisdom of God’s message to and for mankind.

    This book can be used as an inspirational resource for teenagers, adults, senior citizens, parents, spouses, grandparents, professionals, business owners, believers, non believers, and religious leaders. Wherever you are in life, Dr. Thompson wants you to know you do not have to face your trials, tribulations, and struggles alone.

    After 70 combined years of local, national, and international pulpit ministry, radio ministry, prison ministry, and mission work, he dedicated the rest of his life to helping others embrace the joys found in living a promised life found in Jesus Christ. The sentiments of his thankful heart can be summarized in the words pinned by Alma Androzzo and song by Mahalia Jackson as listed below:

    “If I can help somebody, as I travel along
    If I can help somebody, with a word or song
    If I can help somebody, from doing wrong
    then my living shall not be in vain…

    About the author:
    Professionally, Dr. Thompson has been a full-time preacher for 53 years, 3 years in Florida and 50 years of dedicated service as the Senior Minister to the North Broadway Church of Christ in Mt. Clemens, Michigan through the end of 2017. He enjoyed his new role as Preacher Emeritus and one of the Elders to the congregation until his departure on October 6, 2018.

    Academically, Dr. Thompson obtained his Doctorate of Divinity, Masters in Counseling, and Bachelor of Biblical Studies from International Bible Institute and Seminary School, Orlando, Florida and is the first African American in history to receive an Honorary Doctorate of Law Degree from Freed Hardeman University, Henderson Tennessee. Additionally he has an Associate Degree in Psychology from Gibbs Junior College, St. Petersburg, Florida.

    A community servant at heart, Dr. Thompson was honored to serve as one of the Henry Ford Macomb Hospitals Board of Trustees, until he took his last breathe.

  • Words That Make the Heart Sing


    Pastor Sandra is the Founder, President/CEO, and owner of Olive Branch Discipleship Ministries International; founded 2009. www.olivebranchdiscipleshipministries.com

    She has counseled under several local ministries and in her church for many years; has functioned as a Women’s Ministry Director; as team support for Women’s Ministries and as team support for a local Women’s Prison Ministry. She has been Director for a local ministry, has worked at an area

    Women and Children’s Shelter as Case Manager and Counselor, Pastor and Teacher. Pastor Sandra has also owned her own counseling business. She has been called as a Prophet and Teacher, and has ministered in this field faithfully for over 30+ years. She ministers in corporate prophesy, personal prophesy, and prophesy for the nations, as well as the Gifts pertinent to the Office of Prophet.

    The Word of God holds a very dear place in her heart and she has found it to an invaluable tool to help set captives free in her counseling ministry. She believes the power of the Word of God holds no limits in bringing freedom and life to many – as many as would come to the Savior. These “Words That Make the Heart Sing” are words the Lord has given to her as her devotionals and have proven themselves over and over again in her life. She believes they will for you too.

    She is:

    • Non-denominational Licensed Minister
    • Member of American Association of Christian Counselors
    • Member of the International Board of Christian Professional and Pastoral Counselors.
    • Certified in Inner Healing/Healing Ministry
    • Certified in Marriage Mentoring
    • Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling
    • Life Coach
    • Prophetic Counselor and Teacher.
  • World Revolution 101

    One hundred years ago, the victory of Chinese October Revolution led by Dr. SUN Yat-sen and the victory of Russian October Revolution, headed by V.I.LENIN, opened up the new era of the Infant Socialist Revolution that has dominated the world affairs ever since. They pioneered the socialist revolution, yet they may have not realized the infant nature of such revolution. Without existing successful example to follow, they naturally always try to compare their behavior to the standard of Marx’s Orthodox socialist theory: that often caused them to make the mistake of leaning too far left. Yet there is no reason to expect that the Infant socialist countries which came from feudalist or undeveloped countries should be perfect; it cannot be, simply because they created such unprecedented social systems-beyond any revolutionary’s wisdom.

    This book comprises:

    1. Contributions of main revolutionary theorists and practitioners, selectively chosen; to the present day socialist camp, from Karl Marx to Mr. DENG Xiao-ping; theory of Infant Socialist Revolution.
    2. 77 pieces of revolutionary songs, poetry.
    3. Some scientific articles dealing with health issues; some articles show that bourgeois scientists or experts make pseudo statements or judgments because they cannot tell right from wrong, white from black.

    It is impossible for anyone with bourgeois ideology to not express his or her bias. The main contents are contained in 101 passages. Yet, the people of the developed countries, of the third world and of the Infant socialist countries are waiting for the coming perfect socialism to happen. That will be the Orthodox socialist revolution, the most important part of the world socialist revolution, the main leading force of the world revolution.

  • Wrinkled Wisdom: a collection of observations from senior citizens throughout the ages

    How many people find that they are one day nodding off to the ramblings of their grandparents, only to later wish they could return and listen? Do the elders of past generations really have nothing relevant to say? Why are so many then intent on remembering their words after they have passed on? In Wrinkled Wisdom, author Bob Searles has collected an enlightening collection of humorous, practical, and inspirational quotes from those in their second half-century of life. Readers will find themselves reaching for this resource as an entertaining look at the astute and poignant sayings from people throughout the ages. Bob has systematically hunted through over 30,000 quotes to bring the reader the best three hundred from sources over 55 years of age. Wrinkled Wisdom is the perfect gift for grandparents, grandchildren, speakers, authors, or anyone with a mind that is curious about the deep wisdom found with age.

    Bob has held careers as a tax accountant, financial consultant, and estate– planning attorney. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in History from Middlebury College, law degree from William Mitchell College of Law and Master’s of Law in Taxation from Boston University Law School. Bob resides with Pamela, his wife of 31 years, near Minneapolis, Minnesota. The couple has two adult children whom they adopted from Honduras as infants in 1989.

    Shipping address:

    4704 Temple Road
    Minnetonka, MN 55345

    Free books: 6 paperbacks

  • yes, I do exist

    It is quite likely that this is the most unbelievable true story you will ever read. At its core, this book is a factual and historical account of a very important discovery that was never shared with the world – one that changed previously established and accepted benchmarks of human abilities.

    It is time this story was told. In 1990, the entire defense system of the United States was completely shut down by a Navy enlistee and a pencil. Authorities accused this man of being a foreign military spy. They perceived him to be an alien hybrid or time traveler, simply because of his unbelievable abilities and attributes. An engaging journey of experiences and challenges that may benefit the reader, a testament to perseverance and determination.

    This story may read like a spy novel, or perhaps science fiction . . . but it is not.