World Revolution 101

By Sen Du


One hundred years ago, the victory of Chinese October Revolution led by Dr. SUN Yat-sen and the victory of Russian October Revolution, headed by V.I.LENIN, opened up the new era of the Infant Socialist Revolution that has dominated the world affairs ever since. They pioneered the socialist revolution, yet they may have not realized the infant nature of such revolution. Without existing successful example to follow, they naturally always try to compare their behavior to the standard of Marx’s Orthodox socialist theory: that often caused them to make the mistake of leaning too far left. Yet there is no reason to expect that the Infant socialist countries which came from feudalist or undeveloped countries should be perfect; it cannot be, simply because they created such unprecedented social systems-beyond any revolutionary’s wisdom.

This book comprises:

  1. Contributions of main revolutionary theorists and practitioners, selectively chosen; to the present day socialist camp, from Karl Marx to Mr. DENG Xiao-ping; theory of Infant Socialist Revolution.
  2. 77 pieces of revolutionary songs, poetry.
  3. Some scientific articles dealing with health issues; some articles show that bourgeois scientists or experts make pseudo statements or judgments because they cannot tell right from wrong, white from black.

It is impossible for anyone with bourgeois ideology to not express his or her bias. The main contents are contained in 101 passages. Yet, the people of the developed countries, of the third world and of the Infant socialist countries are waiting for the coming perfect socialism to happen. That will be the Orthodox socialist revolution, the most important part of the world socialist revolution, the main leading force of the world revolution.

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