Where Love Has Been

By Shenise L. Sampson


Genelle Warren’s initial reaction to the first sign of conflict is to run away. So, for ten years, she has not been home. She has mastered the art of running away to avoid her past, her family, and the boyfriend she easily left behind. But now she is left with no choice. Extreme circumstances call her back to her hometown. Aside from her sister’s upcoming wedding to an old flame, she has to deal with her aunt Bab’s persistent attempts at matchmaking. Things seem to turn from bad to worse, until Genelle discovers God’s plans for her life. Through her family’s support and the help of a new love interest, she embarks on a journey of love, faith, and hope that will make her realize the power of God’s love. In Him, she has a chance to be changed and restored.

Author Bio

Shenise L. Sampson has earned her bachelor’s degree in English literature and radio-TV-film from the University of Texas at Austin. A prolific writer, she has coauthored and performed a theatrical work called Breaking Boundaries: Hear Our Voices. It was showcased in the Cohen New Works Festival. Currently, Sampson lives in Houston, Texas.

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