When God Showed Up: Manifest the Miraculous

By Nancy Stanton Kempis


As Christians we have the right to experience the blessing of God in our life. The blessings should not only be for certain times of great need. This book will guide you to the truth about praying and why we should pray continually. It is by praying in faith that you are able to experience the goodness of God. Faith is essential to have and effective prayer. By experiencing the goodness of God your faith could grow and you learn to trust and seek God.
Let this book help you dwell in the shelter of the Most High when you pray.

About the Author
The author is a dedicated member of Shalom Outreach Ministry, AG/NY since 2009. Nancy takes pleasure in sharing her strong faith and trust in the Lord and the wisdom of God. She writes from a perspective of one who has gone through life’s threatening experiences and prevailed over them victoriously with the inspiration of the Word of God.

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