War of the Fairies

By Judy Lennington


The Baker children are visiting their grandparent’s farm after the death of their father. Life on the farm was a new experience for the children who were used to city life. It is here they discover strange insects with tiny voices.The scouts, who flew about in search of threats, the keepers, who were protectors, and the royal fairies. Now the children find themselves in the middle of a war between the forest fairies and the garden fairies and they find themselves protecting the royals from the dreaded grasshoppers and praying mantises who want to kill them.

THE WAR OF THE FAIRIES is the eighteenth novel by Judy Lennington. It is written and dedicated to her grandson, Corey Baker, who left this world too soon, and his five children, Nikolas, Nathan,
Adrienne, Vaira, and Kai.

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