Walking in the Miracles of Prayer (Second Edition)

By Dr. (Mrs.) Margaret Ngozi Iduma (Ph.D)


The book “WALKING IN THE MIRACLES OF PRAYER” affirms that God is our only true friend we can call and He will answer when in time of needs. God has the power to liberate us from any form of trials, and temptations. He prepares and orders our step to walk to success.

This book also supports the fact that there is nothing impossible with God, there is no mountain that God cannot be lower, or valley that He cannot lift up when we call on Him. Prayer is a ladder we can climb to enter God’s presence, and through which our requests are granted. The book reflects on some men and women in the Bible who experienced challenges and called on God, and their requests were granted. Look up and call upon Him; He will answer you.

DR. (MRS.) MARGARET NGOZI IDUMA is an educator with passion. She has a Master degree in Reading, and Educational Specialist in Curriculum and Instruction from Wayne State University. She also earned her PhD in Christian Counseling from Christian Leadership University. She aspires in constructing curriculum that will help both parents and educators to train and teach our children better. She is very passionate in prayers, dancing, and parenting. She is very vibrant and welcoming, and draws from her life experiences to encourage both parents and children to be good citizens. As a wife, mother, grandmother, and an educator, she has raised successful grown up young men, and has a growing desire to raise more respectful, and God fearing children. She has been an educator in different school settings college, public school, and charter school. She is married to Mr. Godwin A. Iduma, and blessed with three great sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren. She is a living proof that God answers prayers, and there is nothing too hard for God to do.

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