Waking Up At Both Sides: Discover What You Couldn’t Ask

By Dr. Jurgen Vanhauwe


This book, written by Dr. Jurgen Vanhauwe, delivers new and deep insights into the nature of our reality and our cosmic role in the game of life. With intriguing humor, he describes the process for awakening ones through the eyes of his own hilarious and painful experiences after he was pulled out of his body into “Heaven”. The many world views presented in this book allows one to see the many challenges and opportunities in an ever changing universe for their own personal growth with the goal of living a fulfilling life and not turning into a living zombie. Dr. Vanhauwe was a staunch opponent of any forms of religion or spirituality and describes parts of his journey in a wonderful narrative that is sprinkled with Divine insights and loftiness; presented with love, gratitude and appreciation for all. This is a must read.

About the author:

Dr. Jurgen Vanhauwe obtained his doctorate in Biochemistry and specialized in Neuropharmacology to understand the brain. He was a strong opponent of any religious of spiritual beliefs in lieu of logic and science, until he was pulled out of his body into Heaven or Nirvana. In this book, he merges the knowledge of the known with the unknown, which he obtained through tutelage by the Divine, and through his remembered memories or our past and our futures. This book is an amazing journey with deep, profound insights, yet light to read at any level. Prepared, with love, gratitude and appreciation for all.

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