Turmoil in Highland?

By Roland Rodene


This novel is the story of a man who lives and breathes High Land in the very fiber of his being. This man is Anglaisien. He carries a thousand and one memories of things and people, both seen and heard, as well as life stories and experiences. In spite of his fear, he goes alone at night to the cave. His audacity bears fruit. He receives a call from the other world. In the cave, instead of Sarasin, he finds himself face to face with a silhouette; it is his mother, High Land. He learns two astonishing and extraordinary truths: firstly, that he has been given a mission — to publish “His Mother's Cause” ; and secondly that she will be the Mother of All Nations.

Now, he and the ravishing Miss Oloffson cross paths. If in the beginning there was Adam and Eve, on the eve of the emergence of the Land of Nations, there is Anglaisien and Miss Olofsson. Given their passion for High Land, will they become King and Queen? High Land is in solid alliance with Suezza, Miss Olofsson's native country and all of her sister-nations. The emergence of High Land, Land of All Nations, this new center of the universe — will this soon take place?

In this work of marvelous, magical and prophetic allure, many worlds, many levels of symbolism, mystery, and knowledge seem to exist together, interconnect, or intersect. The places, numbers, and characters seem allegorical and resemble carriers of coded messages.

To all those who are interested in the emergence of Haiti, in its earthly and subterranean mysteries, in its waters, caves, Indian and colonial ruins, the novelist Roland RodenĂ©, born in Les Anglais, Haiti, friend of God, author of “Cynbel and Zothia,” holder of a Bachelor's degree in Economics and a Master's Degree in Administrative Studies (Multinational Commerce) from Boston University, offers much to question, examine, compare, and reflect upon in a quest to delve more deeply into the myths and mysteries of Haiti.

For, when it concerns Haiti, fiction is never very far from reality, and vice versa.

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