Truths Within: Authentic Messages from the Masters Book 3

By Rosemary Gabourie


If anyone had ever told me I would be publishing a book, let alone in automatic writing of messages from the masters of peace, inner truths, love, and community, I would have thought that’s impossible! Now it has become a reality.

Onesong is a name that encompasses the group known as the Ascended Masters. They are known as the truth-bearers and are meant to spirit those who are searching to find the meaning of whatever this life brings them.

They are a group of ascended souls with the higher and best intentions of the within; all that is, around and through the universal fields of existence. They have been united to create the love of what is of benefit for the continuation of the soul’s growth and the provisions to move forward in the light to come to the point of serendipity. In 1995, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. This created significant feelings of helplessness, denial, anger, and guilt for me. I felt revictimized, as it brought back the eight-year-old who had been sexually abused.

I had my time of fear and loss and decided to educate myself on the matter of MS. I became aware that the best thing to do was to make friends with this challenge and continue on. I believe my MS was a catalyst, for it forced me to slow down and go within myself. I feel honored and blessed to receive these words of wisdom.

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