Trees of God

By J. K. Goodson


If trees could talk, what would they say?

Trees have played a major role since the beginning of time ,starting in the Garden of Eden and throughout the the word God. We will take you on this journey throughout God's word and share with you how TREES have played such a significance role and have been depicted in the Bible. When you finish this journey you will have a different view with history of TREES. Trees provide so much for us. Take a look at this short list: carbon dioxide,paper,pencils— just to name a few.

About the Author:

Pastor J. K. Goodson is the pastor of Chosen Generation COGIC in Philadelphia, PA. Pastor Goodson sits on the executive board of the COGIC Men’s Department International. He also developed and served for 10 years as the President of Commonwealth Jurisdiction Men's Department. He’s married to the prophetess Barbara Goodson with one son, Alex. Pastor Goodson is also the author of WIN THE MEN,WIN THE MEN 30 day Devotional, and Kingdom Authority Beyond Your Ability. He has his associates of Biblical Studies and his Bachelor's of Biblical Studies from Midwest College of Theology. Pastor Goodson has been a guest on TBN,TV show and Gospel Highway 11. Pastor J.K. Goodson continues to teach and preach at various men's conference and convocations.

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