Treachery and the Innocent
Treachery and the Innocent

Treachery and The Innocent

By Rockie Sue Fordham


Trapped in a bitter world conceived by her heritage, Shema reluctantly participates in the kidnapping of a CIA agent with her cousin Ishmael. When chaos ensues, she scrambles to get away from the turmoil. As a young Arab woman, Shema struggles between following her own dreams or the path of her heritage.

Meanwhile, Ishmael is faced with a battle of his own. When a mysterious hand pulls him from death’s grasp, he embarks on an unexpected adventure that leads him to the doorstep of someone he once considered his enemy.

How far would you go for your beliefs and family?


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About the author:

Rockie Sue Fordham received her degree in religion from Dallas Baptist University in 1985. She continued to serve as a pastor’s wife for thirty years, during which time, she taught high school Bible classes at Mt. Juliet Christian Academy (for seven years), King’s Kids (children’s church), and Good News Clubs (for over thirty years). She has authored the youth book series The Heavenly Host Series and has recently published It’s Hard to Drain the Swamp When Yer up to Yer Ears in Alligators! (a collection of true stories and lessons centered on life in the ministry for ministers, their families, and church members who wish to know how to better support their pastors). She has also authored the comedy series The Love From Above Series. She has designed a creation-versus-evolution study for Christians who wish to better defend their faith, wrote Deacons Who Really Deek, and coauthored the Association of Christian Schools International’s fourth and fifth-grade Bible curriculum.

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