Totally Inappropriate

By T. L. Steele


Totally Inappropriate is a story for young readers about a sheep and two cats that go on a historic tour of Great Britain. It is a humorous tale about political correctness and basic, human values.
There is a list of difficult words in the appendix as well as a list of 130 things that money cannot buy.

The endearing humour portrayed by these creatures is sure to warm the heart as well as address some of the more complex matters of life as we know it.

It is illustrated by the author with simple pen and ink drawings. Teresa has also designed and painted the book cover. This book aims to make refreshing change in the minds of young readers at home and abroad.

About the Author:

TERESA L. STEELE is an author and book illustrator, born in the north of England U.K. and now residing in Ontario, Canada. She is well-travelled and has a love for the simplicity of life. She has a Diploma in interpretive book illustration from Sheridan College, Ontario, as well as a Diploma in Education and Training from Sunderland University, England.

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