Top Ten Strategies To Prepare Your Horse For Winter

By Mark T. Reilly, DVM, DIPL. ABVP (EQUINE)


The winter season brings new challenges for your horse. Learn how to keep your horses comfortable and warm by using the practical tips formulated by a veteran equine veterinarian, Dr. Mark Reilly. Within its covers, this book will help you perform the following necessary preparations:

• Barn inspection
• Winter shoeing options
• Appropriate vaccinations
• Storage capabilities and manure disposal system
• Snow removal equipment preparations
• Proper ventilation

And many more!

In the coming winter season, you can be sure that you are ready and capable to take care of your horses with the right strategies and preparations. This book aims to help you plan and solve issues before the first snow arrives.

About the Author:

Mark T. Reilly, DVM, Diplomate ABVP (Equine) is a practicing veterinarian for over twenty-five years. He earned his bachelor of science degree in animal science at the University of New Hampshire. He continued his education at the Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. He owns and operates the South Shore Equine Clinic & Diagnostic Center in Plympton, Massachusetts.

Dr. Reilly has presented numerous times to local, national, and international horse owner and veterinary seminars.

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