Tina and Rudy

By Roland Rodene


“But Rudy, you cannot give up these things: pasture, riding, planting peas
and prick herbs.”
“Never, Miss. Lucienne! If I don’t do them, I betrayed my farming
country, I betrayed my origins, I betrayed my parents, and I betrayed you
too, the people of the city.”
If chance exists destiny too.
Free people are rich.
Young people are capable! Do not limit them!
Never betray your friends!
A good friend can be of any nationality!
Some men are transnational.
Answer the call of your heart!
e world is for us.
Give and take!
If we need intelligence and courage for life, of course, to die well, we need
faith in God through his Son Jesus Christ.
is is the content of Tina & Rudy.
About the author:

Roland Rodene was born in Les Anglais, Haiti. Friend of God, author of Cynbel & Zothia and Turmoil in High Land? He holds a Bachelor in Economics and a Masters in International Commerce from Boston University.

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