By David Buchanan


Based on a true story, “ Time For A Change,” is a Street thriller taking you on trip around the Bay Area. After being acquitted on a murder case, he feels the need to change his ways, but only after trying the streets again, This Time ending up on the other side of the gun. Shot 12 times, David makes a full recovery and finds love and a new way of living. Yet he will learn there is no good way to do wrong. This novel will have you on the edge of you seats from murder, sex, drugs and a loving marriage. Welcome to the world where the good dies young and the only color that matters is green.

About the Author
David A Buchanan’s, “ Time For A Change”, is the part two of his first novel Tell Them No Lies, all based on actual events that has happened in his life. Born in 1979, and raised by his mother Princess, and the help of many others, like her aunties, he never had it easy being the eldest of six children ( Jessica, Joshua, Sarah, Isaac, Asia). Growing up in the mean streets of Oakland, California, David has decisions to make at a early age and made a lot of bad ones. Yet it takes a village to raise a child, With the help of family, prayers, and friends, I’m still here on this earth to tell my story.
First and foremost I want to thank God for all his blessings he has given me and my family. To my dearest mother, I want you to know you could never do wrong in my eyes. You Are and always will be the Queen Of the world. To my loving sister Jessica, who has had my back from day one, you’ve supported me like no other. I love you baby girl I don’t know what I would do without you. In this regard, I want to thank my cousins more like my sisters Shawanna and Vicky I love you guys with everything in me.
In deep regrets I may not be able to Thank in person but hold you close to my heart, Big Mama, Granny,E.C, Teresa, Dawanzi, LJ, Dougy,Tracey, J.R. All gone too soon but will never be forgotten.
Last but not least my loving kids David, Damonte, Destiny and Dalaysha. The Mother’s Of my children I love each and everyone of you.
I cannot close without acknowledging the Murder Dubbs, the hood where it all started showing and giving the game. I inherited determination from streets as well as the true fact “ You Can Love The Streets But They Will Never Love You Back.”

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