Tick Tock Universe : A Harvester Adventure Series

By Richard W. Chamberlain


Jerome is imprisoned in another dimension with no chance to escape. He is placed on trial for the many crimes he committed against the Crystal Race.

His only thoughts are of his lost love Katie who he hopes is safe back on Earth with all the rest of his friends. While within his captive habitat Jerome encounters a strange being that alters his perception and now he is able to see the Universe in a different manner. Deciding escape is impossible, AK enters his dimension and they escape to the normal Universe. Jerome learns just who the Harvester really are and what it is the Crystal need from the stars.


About the author:

Richard Chamberlain was a part of the Naval Submarine force for twelve years. He was hurt during deployment and then medically discharged. He then entered Idaho State University and attained a degree in Mathematics and studied astrophysics. After graduation he commenced working at Nuclear Power stations on refueling code to refuel nuclear reactors. He worked for sixteen more years in various engineering positions at Nuclear Generating Stations throughout the various states. After he could no longer do that work he turned himself into the DAV. From then on he studied Physics, Mathematics, and various subjects pertaining to Quantum physic and Cosmology. He now writes, reads, and studies Electronics.

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